WIPWed #43: Still Working On Gifts

Not to be a whiner or anything, but the urge for selfish knitting is getting pretty strong and I’m still working on holiday-leftover-knits-for-other-people. I don’t handle project monogamy well but I’m trying my darnedest to finish things up ASAP because the recipients are wonderful and knitworthy… I just might get a little twitchy in the process.



Malabrigo Twist, colorway Damask Rose. Also, meet Glenda, my new hat model! Click for project page.

First up is actually a FO, my mom’s second of three planned chemo caps. (You can find the first in this post.) This simple pattern of reverse stockinette ridges takes on a very feminine look when you wrap the yarn around a few times and gather the ridges up into a turban-esque shape. I think it would be flattering for many different faces. The pattern is the Purl Knit Turban by Sarah Dudek and it is super yummy knit in the Malabrigo Twist.



Feza Yarns Alp Light. Click for project page.

This yarn is the weirdest stuff I’ve ever worked with. It’s composed of different novelty yarns cut up and knotted together so it forms thick blocks of different colors and textures as you knit. My mom absolutely fell in love with the store sample and this is for her but damn am I looking forward to the end of that freaky ball of yarn. (And not looking forward to trying to block the thing.)

Fiasco’s Mitts:

Feederbrook Farm Alpaca/Shetland. Click for project page.

Poor, poor Fiasco. He always gets knit-shafted. Here is part of his belated xmas present: a pair of mitts made with some delightfully sheep-y wool I picked up at Rhinebeck 2012. Luckily, these mitts knit up fairly quickly so once the Endless Brown Scarf is over he should have these mitts in hand (teehee) lickity-split.

Loop! Bumps 2-ply:


Loop! bullseye bumps in Elf and Kermit Coordinate. Click for handspun project page.

Have you ever spun a Loop! bullseye bump? Spinners on Ravelry raved and raved about them and I just had to try them. They are composed of fiber that has been blended really well, layered in color progressions, and wound so the fiber comes out of the center of the bump in on long, continuous strand. Unlike regular drum-carded batts that are great for woolen spinning, bullseye bumps are made for worsted spinning because they are so smoothly prepared and the fibers are well-aligned. I purchased the Elf bump (on the left) myself, which has a wonderful long color progression from deep teal through olive greens and spring greens to a bright aqua that ends in grey. Then I received the Kermit Coordinate bump as a gift, which transitions through similar color families in much shorter repeats. It’ll be really cool to see what happens when I spin each bump separately and ply the two together. The effect should be something along the same lines as fractal spinning.

One of my goals for the year that I didn’t mention before is to spin a little bit every day. I really enjoyed spinning like crazy for Spinzilla and if I can squeeze in just a minute here or there, I know my handspun output will increase dramatically. Plus, it feels good to ‘zen’ out a little every day. I’m going to post photos of my spinning on my Instagram with the hashtag #dailyspin, if you’d like to join in or follow along.

What are you working on this week? Am I the only one still scrambling to finish up late gifts? Check out more WIPs at Tamis Amis and some spinning show & tell at Crafts from the Cwtch.


8 thoughts on “WIPWed #43: Still Working On Gifts

  1. I am lucky to not be finishing holiday knitting. I did, however, not finish some knitting that was for a friend’s birthday this past week. So in a way, I’m in the same boat as you. It really is hard to stay on task when the deadline has already passed.


  2. I’m not working on holiday gifts, but I do still have my Christmas decorations out… (not that I have a deadline to put them away, but I assume waiting for Valentine’s day might be a little strange).
    And the second chemo cap came out great! I like the color you chose for it, it adds to the already feminine look. 🙂


  3. Spouse’s socks still aren’t finished. He reluctantly agreed to allow me to knit them for him in the first place (he does not care for sweaters, scarves, hats, etc.), so I didn’t feel overly pressured to get them done.

    I love that chemo cap. It’s stunning, and very retro!


  4. I am done with gifts, so selfish knitting it is for me 🙂 I have some Cookie A. Socks on my needles now and I’m attempting a design for knitscene…
    I love the chemo cap you made, it’s very lovely and flattering (even on Glenda). And I’ve seen the brown yarn before at my LYS once. It was interesting, but I think it’d be fun !


  5. I know what you mean about wanting to get back to the selfish knitting. I was kind of proud of myself for getting my little guy’s mittens done, but it’s all about me me me now! All of your gifts are coming along nicely. Really love the turban, so stylish!


  6. I knit Christmas gifts for the first time in a long time this year – just two. One for mom and one for mom-in-law. Both well received but eesh. January and February are completely selfish knit time.


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