IS #54: DK Weight Sweater Roundup

Good Saturday, folks! Seeing as one of my goals for 2014 is to (finally) knit myself a sweater, I thought I’d spend this morning gathering up some sweater inspiration. I currently have 3 sweater quantities of yarn in my stash: one sportweight, one DK, and one bulky. I’m going to focus on DK weight patterns here because I already have ideas for the sport and the bulky.

IMG_5700The DK weight yarn in question is Traveller from Cephalopod Yarns in the colorway Kalamazoo. It’s a variegated purple, with deeper blacks and blues and brighter purples mixed in. While I love the variegation, it will make choosing an appropriate pattern a little more challenging. Let’s see what DK weight sweater patterns I have queued, shall we?

Copyright cosmicpluto. Click for pattern page.

This is the B-Side Cardigan by Laura Chau, which I queued way back in 2010. There are many things I love about this cardigan. The neckline is fabulous, I love the way it folds over in the back. I also like the asymmetrical cable very much, it’s enough to add interest but not so much that I’ll be cabling my life away. I’m a little worried that I’ll get bored with so much stockinette (I hate purling) but the plainer fabric will not compete with the variegated yarn.

Copyright Nora Hinch. Click for pattern page.

Next up is Flippant from Knitty Deep Fall 2013, designed by Nora Hinch. I don’t think I can stress enough how much I love lacy cardis. They’re great for layering and they’re not something you can easily find in a store, they definitely showcase your mad knitting skillz. I also feel very motivated when I’m knitting lace, I’m always trying to cross off another row, so it makes the whole process feel faster.

Copyright Tin Can Knits. Click for pattern page.

I loved this Windswept pullover by Tin Can Knits from the moment I saw it. I likely will not choose to knit this with my yarn because I think it is too perfect in a lighter colors so you can really see the details, but I wanted to feature it nonetheless. I love the way the lace panel provides interest in the front and the way the garter edges compliment the garter stitch in the lace panel.

Copyright Amy Herzog. Click for pattern page.

This easy, breezy pullover is Shore Ledges by Amy Herzog. While I feel like I might wear a handknit cardigan more often, I do love deep-V pullovers, and I have a storebought one with bell sleeves that I’ve bee really digging lately. I think the simple body and seed-stitch details would work well with the variegated colors in my yarn. Plus, I signed up as an early user of Amy’s amazing new sweater-knitting program, CustomFit, and I could use the ‘recipe’ that comes with this pattern in that program to input my measurements and get instructions that would create a sweater to fit me exactly. That’s a pretty tempting idea for a nervous first-time sweater knitter!

So, as you can see, there are many DK weight sweaters that I love and I’m not quite sure which one I’ll go with yet. Do you have a favorite sweater pattern? Anything else inspiring you lately? Please share with us in the comments below!






4 thoughts on “IS #54: DK Weight Sweater Roundup

  1. Well, those are all lovely in their own rights. For your yarn, I’d say the 2nd or last. I am really digging that lacy one though. I can’t wait to hear about your sweater progress 🙂


  2. That yarn is so pretty! Tough choices on the patterns. I love Flippant and Windswept, but it’s so hard with variegated colors. I have the same problem, because I’m always drawn to those as yarns, then can’t decide what I can knit with them.


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