IS #52: Keeping Perspective

Hi, everyone! We’re getting ready to hit the road and visit my family for a while, so if I don’t get a chance to check in before Christmas, I hope all who celebrate it have a very merry one! Due to some past family struggles that are difficult to summarize, this is the first time in a long time that I’m looking forward to the holidays without a sense of underlying dread. However, less than 2 months ago we found out that my mom has breast cancer, so there’s still ‘the big C’ lurking in the back of our minds. We are thankful that her surgery went well, but they did find the cancer had spread to one of her lymph nodes, so now we’re feeling worried about the chemotherapy that she’ll endure starting in January. I say all this not to be a major holiday downer but just to remind myself to keep some perspective. It’s so easy to get caught up in things, it’s good to remember those who are suffering during the holidays.

Franklin Habit from the Panopticon blog just posted about a hat he designed for an e-book called Good Deeds put together by Kyle Williams. The profits from the sale of the book go to support a breast cancer center in California. I love seeing people donate their time, energy, and creativity to raise funds for worthy causes.

Photo copyright Kyle William. Click for pattern page.

Franklin’s contribution is called Melorius. It’s such a fun hat in bright colors and I imagine it would look lovely in a range of neutrals, as well. The simple colorwork pattern looks fun to work.

Photo copyright Kyle Williams. Click for pattern page.

The Ribbon Rolled Brim Cloche by Cynthia Baily is another simple, stylish piece with a great ribbon detail (we know how I love ribbons).

Photo copyright Kyle Williams. Click for pattern page.

Springbridge by Kate Lemmers is a beautifully-detailed beret that is right up my alley. I love the combination of cables and lace and will likely by casting one of these on soon! It’s especially pretty in the heathered yarn.

In addition to the Good Deeds e-book, I just discovered the Fitter Knitter Calendar of Hope, which is an annual collection of patterns put together for many years to benefit breast cancer research. I’m sure there are many more such collections out there, have you found one you like to support? Please feel free to share or link to your own inspiration post in the comments. Have a lovely weekend, all!



5 thoughts on “IS #52: Keeping Perspective

  1. Oh what a lovely IS post. It is so easy to forget about things like this over the holidays, but I am glad that there are people out there doing things for such great causes. I hope you enjoy your holidays and that your mom has an amazing Christmas!



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