WIPWed #42: The Rush

It’s that time, folks: 14 more days until Christmas! My gift knitting suffered a bit this year while I took time out to knit my mom’s kick-cancer’s-butt shawl and chemo cap so I fell behind more than I thought I would, considering the head start I got with the Malabrigo Stockpile in October. This means that there are no less than 9 projects I am still hoping to finish before Christmas and 4 I’d like to finish shortly thereafter. (Are you laughing yet???) The 9 consist of: 2 pairs of socks, 1 pair of cuffs, 2 hats, 1 headband, 1 pair of mitts, and 2 toddler-sized vests. The 4 shortly-thereafter projects are a scarf, a pair of mitts, and baby-sized hat and mittens. It sounds rather insane but I’m still at the point where I think it is possible, even though I work full time and have a busy weekend coming up. We’ll see! Onto the WIPs of choice this week…



Feza Yarns Alp Light. Click for Ravelry project page.

Only for my mother would I knit with novelty yarn composed entirely of browns and oranges! We saw this crazy yarn at a great yarn store when I was on Long Island (Infinite Yarns) which is basically composed of different novelty yarns knotted together so that when you knit it, you get a really funky scarf. I’m knitting a simple *k3, p1* rib to help combat the curling of plain stockinette. My mom fell in love with the sample and all thoughts of the socks I was knitting her for Christmas flew out the window. A scarf will be much faster, but still she’ll probably get this one half-finished as it was such a late-in-the-game decision.

Little Dyvest:


Malabrigo Rios, colorway Bobby Blue. Click for Ravelry project page.

This sweet little thing will be a vest for my youngest nephew, Logan. I’m planning a matching one for his older brother, too. The pattern is Dyvest by Anjali M and is eligible for the #Giftalong KALs and prizes that are still going on through the end of the month. I really love the cabling on this, simple yet effective.

Simple Seaside Socks:

KnitPicks Felici Sport. Click for Ravelry project page.

This, folks, is one of the oldest WIPs I have! I started these socks three years ago back in 2010. Then I realized that I liked gusset heels and lost the motivation to finish this afterthought heel pair. However, having half-finished pairs of socks lying around is really great come gift-giving time, so these have been resurrected and I’m almost halfway through the second sock. Woohoo!

Icy Adiri:


Bittersweet Woolery Ingenue, colorway Iceling. Click for Ravelry project page.

And another hat FO! This is for a gift, it came out beautifully soft and drapey even though I didn’t really love the yarn while I was knitting it. I worked an extra repeat to get enough length as my gauge must have been tighter with thinner yarn. I’m a bit upset because I noticed this when I was finishing up the hat:


Gasp! A mis-crossed cable! Little bastard…

The third cable from the bottom on the right hand side is crossed the wrong way. Oh well. Here’s hoping that the recipient doesn’t care because I have about a dozen other people waiting for knitted gifts so fiddling around to fix that one little blip is just not a feasible option!

That’s all I have this week! Check out more WIPs and perhaps some more frantic gift-knitting at Tamis Amis.

P.S. The Fiasco and I went to go see Straight No Chaser (an awesome a capella group) perform the other day. Here’s the perfect frantic theme song to accompany hurried holiday knitting: The Christmas Can-Can. Enjoy!



6 thoughts on “WIPWed #42: The Rush

  1. Man oh man what lovely projects. I have seen the fezza yarn before, but when I saw it wasn’t knitted so tightly – the changes in yarn were less distinct. I love the hats, sorry you had a cable issue. Sometimes they just want to do their own thing. Good luck Christmas knitting!



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