WIPWed #40: Meditative Knits

This week I’ve been all about calm, soothing, meditative knits. Sometimes all you need is some simple stockinette in stunning yarn to make everything feel just a little bit better. (Click images for Ravelry project pages.)



The Verdant Gryphon Codex, colorway Ullikana

I’m knitting this shawl for my mom to comfort her while I can’t be there with her. It’s giving me something ‘useful’ to do while I process that fact that she’s been diagnosed with breast cancer. The day we found out, a Raveler put this beautiful Codex yarn in all my mom’s favorite colors up for sale. I knew right away that I’d make her an Age of Brass and Steam shawl, since she tried to steal my first one once when she visited. I think she will love it.

November Melody:


The Verdant Gryphon Mithril, colorway November Moonlight

This is the most unlike-me project I’ve ever begun: a laceweight scarf knit entirely in stockinette stitch in a nearly-solid neutral colorway. (Say what?! I know.) The pattern (Melody’s Shawl by Melody Moore) is dead simple but really clever. You knit a very wide tube in the round, then drop some stitches, and cut the dropped stitches to form a fringe for a gorgeously lightweight, floaty, fringey scarf. I covet the finished product so much that I’m willingly knitting 260+ stitch rounds of plain stockinette for it. We’ll see when this gets finished…

Mom’s Flocked Socks:


Miss Babs Yummy Sportweight, colorway Autumn Forest

My final active WIP is a pattern from the Indie Designer’s #Giftalong (hurry, last day for sale prices is the 15th!): Flocked Socks by Sara Morris. It’s been a while since I’ve knit a nice, simple sock pattern and I’m really enjoying it. Perhaps 2014 will be the year that I finally finish all my sock WIPs (and knit sweaters, and finish my shawls, and a couple of blankets, and, and, and).

Elf Loop Gradient Spin:


Loop Bullseye Bump, colorway Elf

And finally, my soothing spinning is coming along nicely, now moving from the teal to the deep olive color in the bump. You can just barely see the little bits of sparkle in there. I love it!

I hope you all are having great weeks! Check out more WIPs at Tamis Amis.


5 thoughts on “WIPWed #40: Meditative Knits

  1. The yarn and pattern that you chose for your Mom’s shawl is a wonderful combination. She is going to love it for sure. The colors are gorgeous! Knitting simple projects with lots of stockinette stitches is so comforting.



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