IS #47: Giftalong Awesomeness, Part 2

Remember how last week we went through the Pinterest boards for the first 4 categories of Giftalong patterns being offered for sale by independent designers? Well this week we’re going to finish up with the boards of the remaining 5 categories! (So  many KALs, so little time!)

From the Socks and Foot Things board, I especially love the Flocked Socks pattern by Sara Morris:

Copyright fyberduck. Click for pattern page.

They have such wonderful texture and the garter section accents are really well designed. I love how the cuff detail repeats near the toe and the garter side panels split at the gusset. I love them so much, in fact, that I just cast these on! I have to say, too, that the pattern is beautifully laid-out and clearly written. I appreciate when a designer pays attention to such details.

There are so many beauties on the Garments board, but here’s the one I chose to share:

Copyright Jettshin. Click for pattern page.

This is Ink designed by Hanna Maciejewska and it is just gorgeous. However, I can almost guarantee that you will never see me knit a tunic-length, fingering-weight, reverse-stockinette stitch cardigan. I would never, ever finish it. I will continue to admire such things politely from afar, though.

There is faaaar too much cuteness on the Baby and Child board, but I did manage to choose one pattern I loved:

Copyright affiknity. Click for pattern page.

This is the Dyvest pattern by Anjali M and it is just a perfect, handsome little boy’s vest. The way the cable detail splits along the neckline is lovely.

Ok, just kidding, I couldn’t choose just one. Here’s my favorite little girl knit:

Copyright emmylouhelmuth. Click for pattern page.

The colors! The stripes! The garter squishiness! The cabled trim! Love, love, love. This is Camden by Kristen Fanning.

There are a lot of… interesting things on the Non-Wearables board, mostly toys and non-traditional accessories of some kind. I particularly liked the elegant little bag:

Copyright kateclysm. Click for pattern page.

This is the Anya Bangle Bag by Kate Vanover. I love the stitch pattern and how simply the bag seems to be constructed. I also think the matching beads give a great subtle glimmer.

The final board is the Projects-Not-Otherwise-Specificed group of patterns, which are all really pretty interesting. I help moderate this KAL in the Giftalong group and I love seeing what unique projects people are casting on (lots of jewelry so far). Here’s my pattern pick:

Copyright leethal. Click for pattern page.

Can I just say that I did not know that I absolutely needed a handknit light switch cover until I saw this Garter Strip pattern by Lee Meredith? Because now I definitely know that I do… on all of the light switches, everywhere!

Alright, that’s all of them! Remember to stop by the group, check out the participating designers (including myself!), snag some great patterns for 25% off (until November 15th!) and then join one of the many KALs for the chance to win prizes through the end of December. There’s a fun Desginer Hunt question game and lots of random drawings, so come play along!

What’s been inspiring you this week? Seen any #Giftalong patterns you just need to knit? Feel free to share a link to your own blog post in a comment below!



12 thoughts on “IS #47: Giftalong Awesomeness, Part 2

  1. Great patterns, all! Now, I would knit a tunic-length, fingering-weight, reverse-stockinette cardigan, because I’m a masochist who bought a sweater quantity of Ella Rae Lace Merino because (a) I loved the colorway (b) which was still bagged and (c) on sale.


  2. Wow, love all these fab picks! Especially the little boy’s vest since I have a little guy who doesn’t like to wear sweaters. But a vest is a good possibility. The light switch cover is so cool and a great way to use up some yarn scraps.



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