IS #46: Giftalong Awesomeness, Part 1

I’m sure by now you’ve all heard a little bit about the Independent Designer’s #Giftalong promotion happening on Ravelry, right? Over 170 designers are offering a variety of their patterns for sale for 25% off with the code ‘giftalong’ until November 15th. After choosing some new pretties to knit, you can join in one of the item-specific KALs and be eligible to win a ton of great prizes! For this event, all of my paid patterns are eligible.


Top: Dissipative cowl, Beribboned hat (x2)
Bottom: Fiasco socks, Huacaya hat, Syrinx Shells cowl

I will almost definitely be joining in knitting a Huacaya hat (mmmm alpaca loveliness!) and a Dissipative cowl. But I also wanted to highlight a few other great patterns. A group of amazing volunteers went through Ravelry and pinned every single eligible pattern to item-specific Pinterest boards. They pinned over 2000 patterns so everyone could scroll through them easily! How amazing is that? I’ve gone through the boards and chosen just one pattern from each board that I think is extra awesome from a designer I was unfamiliar with to share today. (I will likely be doing this throughout the week. Or maybe for the rest of my life, there are so many!)

From the Hats and Head Things board, I picked the Adiri Slouchy Hat by Julia Trice.

Copyright mbwd. Click for pattern page.

It’s a lovely little DK-weight slouchy hat that involves both lace and texture, two of my favorite things. I’m coveting it pretty hard right now.

From the Scarves and Cowls board, check out the Windowpane Scarf by April Reis.

Copyright orangegiraffe. Click for pattern page.

I love that amazing cut-out effect! It looks like regular cables transition into some i-cord braiding. So clever and unique!

From the Mitts and Arm Things board, I totally love Two Hands Make a Snowflake by Mari Chiba.

Copyright Mari Chiba. Click for pattern page.

Admittedly, that is my favorite color combination ever, but I also think the mitts are really nifty. I love how the snowflakes line up on the pair plus the tops flip back into fingerless gloves. I think I need them!

It was really difficult to choose something from the Shawls and Stoles board, they’re all so beauitful! But I picked this Spring is Sprung poncho by Mary C. Gildersleeve because it was really unique.

Copyright Mary C. Gildersleeve. Click for pattern page.

I’ve yet to see many fingering-weight poncho patterns and this one is really lovely. The stitches patterns flow nicely and the color choices are gorgeous!

Phew! I know I said I’d post one item from every board but there are NINE BOARDS and looking at so much prettiness at one time is overwhelming! Let’s save the remaining five for next week, shall we? What new-to-you designers or patterns have you discovered? Do you think you’ll join in any of the gift-alongs? What’s been inspiring you this week? Leave a link or a comment below and let us know!


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