WIPWed #38: Feeling Productive

After several weeks of working past midnight on revising a manuscript based on my master’s thesis for publication, I sent it off to my old advisor yesterday and got a full 10 hours of sleep last night. It was fabulous. I probably have a little more work to do on the paper but for now, I’m calling that a win.

I’ve finished up some lovely little projects, too! Here’s a purple version of my Syrinx Shells cowl design:

IMG_5196There’s nothing like a project knit with Rasta (superbulky Merino wool singles) to make you feel like a knitting whiz. This thing took exactly 2 days of just periodic, here-and-there knitting. I’m at a loss to how to close it, though. What do you think, buttons or ribbon? I tend to love ribbons but those buttons look pretty great, too.

IMG_5197Here’s a closeup of the stitch pattern. That central motif is called an Estonian Shell Stitch and it is so fun to work. Once you get the hang of it, it’s quite simple, too, and has a really dramatic effect. All of my patterns are on sale for 20% off for another week with the code “MalStock13” on Ravelry, so why not give it a try?

ruffiamI finished my purple Ruffian hat, too! (Sorry for the early-morning-selfies, the Fiasco and I are no longer home at the same time during daylight…boo.) I made a few minor modifications to Hunter Hammersen’s really neat design, which you can see on my project page. I love how slouchy the hat turned out and the fabric is really perfect in the Malabrigo Twist. I was a little worried that those little grey ‘poofs’ would look silly when worn, but I think it’s actually pretty cute. What do you think? Would you wear this hat?

IMG_5200I left my only actual WIP this week at the office, so instead I’ll show you the swatch I knit from my lovely Malabrigo Nube handspun. I’m loving the fabric on US size 9 needles (3rd section from bottom) and I was thinking of doing a simple slouch hat with a little faux-cabled rib on the brim (top section).  Though I am open to suggestions! Do you have a favorite hat pattern that calls for a gauge of about 4.5 or 5 sts/inch? Preferably one that uses buttons?

I’m linking along with Tamis Amis, check out some more WIPs there!


4 thoughts on “WIPWed #38: Feeling Productive

  1. Well, I think I would wear that hat if given the right colors. As for the cowl, go with the buttons, something that simple of a color and design needs to stay simple 🙂
    PS I know how you feel about selfies- I live alone so that’s all I can really ever do.


  2. I think I prefer the buttons, although I love ribbon too so it’s a difficult choice! I love projects that work up quickly like that without too much effort.

    I think I may try a hat again soon and this time use a pattern. Thanks for the inspiration!



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