IS #43: Did Somebody Say ‘Rhinebeck’?

For the uninitiated knitter, ‘Rhinebeck’ is just a word they hear from time to time. Maybe they read about it on a blog or two, but think nothing of it. Then they start getting more involved on Ravelry, maybe become obsessed with a few yarns, hang out on the forums, cultivate a lengthy blog roll… and slowly realize that Rhinebeck is kind of a big deal — and it’s happening right now!

Photo from my trip last year. Click for blog post.

Rhinebeck is the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival held in Rhinebeck, NY and it has become quite an event for knitters in North America. The Yarn Harlot calls Rhinebeck her favorite holiday. Hotels book up months in advance. Bloggers everywhere are abuzz about it… and I won’t be there this year. * SOB * So instead, I thought I’d share this: Ysolda Teague is putting out a book of sweater patterns inspired by and in honor of Rhinebeck, and they all look so amazing.

Photo copyright Ysolda, click for pattern page.

I love Beekman Tavern, designed by Thea Colman. It looks so cozy and warm with a great mix of texture and cables.

Photo copyright Ysolda, click for pattern page.

I’m not the biggest orange fan but I have to say, I love everything about this Pumpkin Ale cardigan, designed by Ysolda herself. More cables and texture and I think the notched cuffs are just perfect.

Photo copyright Cheryl Burke, click for pattern page.

I’m also really digging this Dutchess yoked pullover, designed by Cheryl Burke. I’m usually not into yoked sweaters or colorwork but something about the zig-zag patterning is getting to me, I really like it and I would use this exact color combination, it’s lovely.

You know what else I like? How fabulous knitters are. Check out the wonderful Rhinebeck Style photo project by Gale Zuckerman. She took photos of everyone who wanted to strike a pose at Rhinebeck in 2010 and 2012 and is compiling them into a book. She has a video of some of the images and it really brings home the fact that knitters are a truly undefinable group with only one thing in common: an absolutely joyous love of yarn and their handknits.

My hat design, Huacaya, in the Burgis Brook Alpacas booth last year. Click for pattern page.

To all of those lucky enough to be there this year, have a ball and please, for the love of wool, post photos so I can live vicariously through you!

What’s been inspiring you lately? Leave a comment and/or a link to your blog and let us know!



8 thoughts on “IS #43: Did Somebody Say ‘Rhinebeck’?

  1. I want all those sweaters! haha thank you for sharing. I will agree that I had never really heard about Rhinebeck until I started blogging but now I want to go very badly!


  2. I love that collection! I’m eagerly awaiting my copy’s arrival, and I’ve been watching the page on Ravelry as they’ve been added soooo slowly over the last month or two.

    I think it’s so funny– as a former New Yorker, I knew where Rhinebeck was, and I knew there was a festival upstate, but it took awhile of internet-based-knitting before I put the two together. And of course, by that point I’d relocated time zones. Sigh. Someday, maybe, I’ll get back there!

    Here’s my link for today:


  3. I love the whole concept of Ysolda’s new book. Such pretty patterns (my fave is probably Pumpkin Ale). Every year I promise to make it to Rhinebeck. Hasn’t worked out yet, but someday soon!



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