Spinzilla Is Here!

It’s that time, #Spinzilla is here! The idea is to spin as much singles yardage is possible in one week to raise awareness about spinning and to raise money for fiber arts scholarships. I’m spinning for #TeamSpinOff and these are my plans:


Darwin is such a fiber fiend…

Top left is Miss Babs Merino/bamboo/silk, below is Malabrigo Nube, middle is Dirty Water Dyeworks BFL, and right is Blue Moon Fiber Arts Polwarth in the new club colorway. My plans are admittedly overambitious, especially since I work all day and a few hours each night. That limits my spinning time to about an hour a day or maybe possibly two if I sacrifice sleep. I will not be carrying our team, but hey, at least I’m playing along!

IMG_5117I’m starting with the Malabrigo Nube, seeing as it’s Malabrigo October Stockpile and all. Tiny word of warning: this fiber was very compacted upon arrival and despite whipping it around and letting it air out, it still feels quite stuck together. And I suppose I got a little overzealous with the tugging during predrafting because my thumb twitched for the entire day after I spent time fluffing and preparing it!

IMG_5124It is spinning up into a lovely, fine single though, so I can’t complain much! And the colors are, of course, gorgeous. I’m hoping to spin a nice, bouncy 4-ply and knit myself a hat with it.

Alright, enough blabbing, back to spinning!


11 thoughts on “Spinzilla Is Here!

    • Oh boy, do I have plans! The Babs is part of the art yarn I’m making for a possible design, the Malabrigo will be a hat, the BFL will be a hat to coordinate with my recently-finished BFL gradient cowl, and some of the Polwarth will become thick chunky rainbow armwarmers. Not sure yet what the rest of it will be!


  1. I can totally sympathize with Darwin. I would want to snuggle up to all that gorgeous fiber, too 🙂 Spinzilla sounds like a lot of fun and a great cause. Hopefully next year I will be a more proficient spinner and can participate. The Malabrigo is looking beautiful.


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