IS #41: Stockpile Inspiration

Ahhhh, Malabrigo October Stockpile – that time of year when Mal Junkies furiously plan, queue, and knit up as many one-skein project as possible, posting their progress throughout. I’m pretty sure Mal March and Stockpile are responsible for ~80% of my 41-page Ravelry queue and entirely responsible for motivating me to get started on holiday knitting early enough to accomplish so many knits.

IMG_5118One gift down! This is my own pattern, Giving Comfort, modified to have slightly shorter repeats and throwing color changes in on the knit/purl rows just to spice things up. (Can I take a second to say how happy I am that there are now 61 projects for this pattern on Ravelry and over 200 ‘favorties’? So many of the hats were knit for charity causes, too,  which is just so awesome!) For this Inspiration Saturday, I figured I’d give a little run-down of the other patterns I’m planning to knit because who doesn’t love one-skein projects in fabulous yarn?!

Copyright Hunter Hammersen, click for pattern.

This hat, knit in Malabrigo Twist, is the primary reason I immediately loved Hunter’s new booklet of patterns, Ne’er Do Well Knits. I’m digging the luscious, dimpled look of the fabric and I bet it is super duper warm. I like envisioning color combinations for this, too. I’m pretty sure I’ll be knitting one in teal/white and another in grey/purple.

Copyright Hunter Hammersen, click for pattern.

Another Hunter pattern (about time I knit some of the zillions in my queue!) — this one is going to be for me. 🙂 I need a new pair of fingerless mitts and I have a kitten-belly-soft skein of Finito waiting specifically for this project.

Copyright Justyna Lorkowska, click for pattern.

This is Rama Lama, a really great slipped-stitch colorwork cowl designed with Malabrigo Worsted but which would probably be equally awesome in Twist (my favorite Malabrigo base). You can knit it short or long and use just two or as many colors as you’d like to help stashbust, which I always appreciate. Not sure if I’m going to get to this pattern, but I still really like it.

Copyright tma, click for free pattern.

These mitts by Tante Ehm are very simple, but great for showing off some of the more variegated colorways of Malabrigo Worsted or Rios. The garter detail on the hand is just the right amount of interesting to make these mitts practical but still pretty.

There’s also something about Stockpile that gets my designer juices flowing. Here’s a hat I’m throwing together using two colors of Rios, each held double for a chunkier weight:


I think it’s gonna be pretty great when it’s done! What one-skein projects have you been working on lately? Do you have your holiday gifts thought out yet? Leave a comment to link to your own Inspiration Saturday post, if you wish!



7 thoughts on “IS #41: Stockpile Inspiration

  1. I love that Ruffian hat, really interesting! I’ve just started another swap, but I’m starting to really think about making progress on holiday crafting…I always get caught thinking I have plenty of time when I decide on what to make early, then wait too long to actually start them.


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  3. These are all great picks. I am planning to knit the campout mitts with some stashed Noro. Love the graphic look of your new design and the bold colors. My little guy would love it, too. Can’t wait to see the finished hat.



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