FOFri #23: Oh, Glory Be

To say that I love my Glorious Gradients cowl is a ridiculous understatement.


I freaking adore this cowl. I love it fiercely. I truly believe that everything about it is absolutely perfect and I’m having a very hard time not asking everyone I see to pet my cowl. The pattern is Foolproof by Louise Zass-Bangham and it is enjoyable and clever, I highly recommend it. While the pattern is wonderful, the yarn makes this cowl even more amazing. Let’s go back to its humble beginnings.

grad1Three months ago, this yarn was just a bundle of beautifully-dyed fluff from a local indie dyer, June Pryce Fiber Arts. I split each braid into color sections, light blue to teal for one skein and green to dark blue to purple for the other. I spun and then chain-plied each single to preserve the color sequence in just 3 weeks (pretty fast for me!). I ended up with about 540 yards of 100% BFL wool, DK weight yarn.

grad3I hemmed and hawed over the pattern for a while but finally settled on Foolproof and couldn’t be happier. I was a bit worried that I would finish the pattern before I got to the purple part of the skein but it all worked out wonderfully. The BFL is soft and drapey with a lovely sheen and a bit of a fuzzy-happy halo. The garter stitch evens out any spinning inconsistencies on my part and the gradient dyeing looks fabulous in the stripes. It blocked out a bit longer than I expected (63″ circumference, 8″ wide) but is a great length to wear looped loosely or twice around the neck. Finally, it’s composed of nearly all my favorite colors ever.


Gratuitous close-up

Long story short: I will likely never take this thing off. Also: knitting with handspun is fabulous. Also: I want more gradient yarn. And a coordinating hat. And more BFL.

Check out more finished objects at Tamis Amis!


25 thoughts on “FOFri #23: Oh, Glory Be

  1. I love anything BFL, too. Probably why I bought 2 of them and bred them. Bouncing BFL Babies in the spring!

    The cowl is lovely 🙂


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  3. I LOVE it! And I love seeing the start to finish. I have so much handspun that I haven’t used…In fact I think I’ve only ever knit one skein of my handspun, and I gave it away!


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