Oh Happy Stripes

I’m so close to done with this stripey cowl of awesomeness, I can taste it.

IMG_5086I just have that wee little triangular space left to finish. In fact, I was a lot closer to done last night when I had decreased all the way down to the final 3 stitches before I decided I didn’t like the way the stripes had worked out. For the rest of the cowl I just went-with-the-flow, but for this section the flow seriously bothered my sense of symmetry. Excel to the rescue!


I hit the spreadsheet and figured out a striping sequence I could live with that would fit in the number of rows I had to work with before the cowl decreased down to nothing. I frogged back and am now reworking the cowl as Column G. What’s your favorite method of planning out your knitting? Do you go with the flow or are you more of a control freak aficionado?


9 thoughts on “Oh Happy Stripes

  1. I haven’t had too many color patterns to work out, but graph paper would be my go-to (and for other things to work out, like cables or decreases, any scrap of paper i can find within reach – usually the back of a receipt or envelope).
    But I applaud the Excel sheet – much easier for adjustments and math!


  2. I did something similar when I was knitting a blanket from one giant mitered square in two colors. Once I figured out how many stitches I could get from one skein, I graphed out the stripes down to the row. Worked pretty well and the blanket was a big hit.

    Have fun with the rest of your cowl!


  3. I generally go with the flow…then debate endlessly over whether or not it bugs me before ripping back and planning on paper. I love it however it comes out in the end. Now on my ravelry favorites, but your yarn is just beautiful.



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