IS #40: Scarf Lust

I have to keep our inspiration short today as I’m taking my future-niece-and-nephew to the zoo today, but here’s what’s got my interest lately: scarves. I know, you think scarves and you think boring, basic, first-thing-I-ever-knit rectangles. In their defense they are usually simple, practical, and are the accessory I tend to reach for the most for day-to-day wear. As such, I need more of them in my life. Here are a few I’ve been drooling over. (All photos from Ravelry pattern pages, click for link.)

Copyright Amanda Weir

This Garter Plaid Scarf by Amanda Weir is just awesome. Simple-yet-interesting knitting, endless color combinations, in a nice light fingering weight so that you can wear it indoors and out. I already have yarn picked out for this. It’s gonna happen.

Photo credit QueenBusyBee

This is the Gathered Scarf from the Skacel Collection. Here, changing needle sizes and using a unique yarn (laceweight silk/mohair blend) makes this simple scarf really interesting and feminine.

Photo credit Talitha Kuomi

This is the corriente scarf pattern designed by Talitha Kuomi (one of the Fiber Factor contestants). I love how this scarf is also a stylish accent, rather than just providing warmth. I especially love the way the cables shape the edges of the scarf. Designed with a silk yarn, I think it would be great in a silk blend like my beloved Codex.

That’s all I’ve got today! Have a great Saturday, all. 🙂



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