WIPWed #34: Don’t Blink…

…or you’ll miss this entire post, that’s how quick it’s going to be. Last weekend I was away and this week is filled with extracurricular activities and looming deadlines so my creative time is sorely lacking. (This of course means that I’ve done nothing but dream up new knitting projects I’d like to start. Siiiiiigh.)

I’ve been weirdly monogamous with the Glorious Gradients cowl you saw last week:

IMG_5076I am still totally loving this thing and am now about 70% done. There is something immensely satisfying about the biased stripes, and when the yarn is changing color, too, it is endlessly amusing.


See? Awesomeness.

In addition to knitting, I’ve been trying to squeeze in some spinning here and there. I’m working on a crepe yarn which is a kind of art yarn that requires 2 thin singles and 1 thicker single. I’ve finished the 1st thin single and am working on the thick one.

IMG_5074It’s hard to tell in the photo but the white single is much fatter and fluffier than the green. It is crazy fun to spin a thick, slubby single on purpose after spinning so many thin singles. The bobbin seems to fill up almost instantly! Have you tried spinning thick yarn?

Ok folks, that’s all from me today. Check out more WIPs by clicking the photo below.


9 thoughts on “WIPWed #34: Don’t Blink…

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