WIPWed #33: I Have A Thing For Gradients

I think I’m discovering a pattern: I have a thing for gradient yarn. I am so utterly charmed by the long, slow, harmonious color change from one end of the skein to the other. I predict that I will be spinning more of this type of yarn,yes indeed. I was almost indecently excited when the little bit of light blue started to change to a slightly darker shade of light blue in the beginnings of my newest project.

Glorious Gradients:

IMG_5057This is the Foolproof cowl that I raved about in my last Inspiration Saturday post. I’m knitting this with two DK-weight skeins of handspun BFL and it is awesome. Spinners, please knit with your yarns! I read so many posts about how a skein is not good enough to knit with or maybe too good and they just can’t decide what to make. Just make something, anything! It is crazy fun to knit with your own handspun yarn and you learn so much about what you want your future yarns to look/feel like by knitting with the ones you’ve already spun. I’ve knit with every skein of my handspun so far, even the wonky first ones. But this is the project that I am keeping for myself and I’m loving every inch of it.

IMG_5056Does this photo help anyone figure out the mystery of the cowl’s construction? I also revisited another gradient project this week.

Spring-ish Socks:

IMG_5058They were originally called “Spring-y Socks” but now that it’s about as far from spring as one can get, they’ve been delegated to “Spring-ish”. These are the Crocus Vernus pattern knit in a Play At Life sock yarn that will change gradually from bright green to deep purple. I just hope I make the socks long enough to see some purple come through.

Deep Dark Stellaria:

IMG_5055And finally I’ve made some decent progress on my office knitting shawl, Stellaria, knit in the incomperable Codex yarn. (By the way, folks, The Verdant Gryphon is going to be at Stitches East this year! Anyone going? I am!) I’m nearly through one skein and anticipate that the body will take at least two before I hit the fun lace bit. At least the short rows makes the body go more quickly as you progress.

And that’s about all that hit my needles this week! If you haven’t already, check out my review of Audry Nicklin’s new book, Lit Knits, and remember that you have until Friday to enter the giveaway. And as always, check out more WIPs by clicking below.


10 thoughts on “WIPWed #33: I Have A Thing For Gradients

  1. I am in love with your cowl, you are right – that gradient blue is just perfect. And I agree about knitting with handspun. I don’t spin enough to have a lot of it, but I love knitting with it when I do!


  2. I love all your projects and yarn choices! That green-to-purple gradient sock is going to be gorgeous. And I just want to squish your Codex shawl. I love me some Gryphon.


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