Lit Knits – Review and Giveaway!

I began reading Audry Nicklin’s blog, Bear Ears, when she was well into the middle of working on her first book of patterns, Lit Knits. I was dying with curiosity to know what this book would be! Whatever it was, I knew it would be great, because she has fun and interesting designs and a beautiful photography aesthetic. But enough anticipation, let’s get to the book! (The copyright for all photos in this post belongs to Audry Nicklin.)


Being a major book nerd, I was so psyched when I saw that the book was inspired by beloved children’s stories. (The cover design is the Robin Hoodie, gotta love that name!) I appreciated the theme even more after reading the back story behind each design on Audry’s blog. The amount of thought she gave to each element in her designs is really inspiring and makes them even cooler than they seem at first glance. For instance:

BehindTheGardenWall1_LitKnitsWe have here a perfectly lovely pair of colorwork socks (Behind the Garden Wall), a design which very nicely captures the feel of its inspiration, The Secret Garden. But wait!


KAPOW! A secret colorwork key on the sole makes this design even more awesome. It’s those kinds of details that we knitters (or at least this knitter) geek out over, and this book is chock full of them.

SailToTreasureIsland3_LitKnitsLike in Sail To Treasure Island, not only is it a big, gorgeous blanket, it’s also a map of the island with different stitches representing different parts: ocean, beach, forest, mountains. Plus it includes a literal X (marking the spot) formed by the converging yarnover lines. Clever!

DeepSeaWanderer3_LitKnitsAnd many of the designs are just plain handsome. I loved this cowl, Deep Sea Wanderer, instantly and it will likely be the first thing I knit from the book. I love the color, the size, the flowing lace, and the tasteful use of bobbles (which isn’t easy to pull off).

Besides the designs, the book itself is very beautiful. The layout is clean and easy to read, the photos are fabulous, and the props and posing of the models give such charm to the whole thing. I was really impressed that the last several pages contain hand-drawn diagrams of any techniques you might need to execute the patterns. Hand-drawn technique diagrams! The thoroughness amazes me.

In sum, I think Lit Knits is a carefully-detailed collection of beautiful and whimsical designs and I hope Audry is really proud of it, because she should be. The physical books will ship mid-November but if you pre-order your copy by September 25th you will receive the e-book for free (after which point you would need to purchase it separately).

GIVEAWAY, YAY!!! Audry has kindly offered a free copy of the e-book to one of you! Leave a comment on this post telling me which design is your favorite by 11:59 pm (Eastern time) on Friday September 20th to be entered to win. I will announce the winner on the next day’s Inspiration Saturday post. Please include your Ravelry name or e-mail so I can contact you and check out the rest of the blog tour for more details and chances to win!


19 thoughts on “Lit Knits – Review and Giveaway!

  1. torn between Avonlea and Motoring Madness. I’ve been on a fingerless mitt search and those are PERFECT, but Anne with an “e” is a kindred spirit and she captures it so well.
    bmoreknitty on ravelry


  2. Decisions…decisions…if I were choosing my favorite of the books that inspired these designs, I would choose Brinker or Robin Hoodie or Black Beauty Ride. If I were choosing my favorite of the clever pattern names, Robin Hoodie again. If I were sailing away to a deserted island, Sail to Treasure Island, of course!
    The pattern I would choose to knit first, however, would be Deep Sea Wanderer! Lovely patterns, all. Thank you for hosting the giveaway, and thank you to Ms. Nicklin for her generosity in donating the prize!
    Now, on to look at her other designs…


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  4. Ohhh there are a lot of pretty pattens there, but I think my favorite would have to be Behind the Garden Walls socks ♥ I am econnerd on Ravelry.


  5. Robin hoodie all the way. I can just imagine how special and adventure-waiting-to-happen a weekend would feel if you walked around wearing that hoodie!


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