FO Friday #22: Third Time’s The Charm

Guys, I’ve attempted to finish this shawl in time for autumn three times. Yes, that means it has been on the needles since 2011. No, there was no good reason for that. The pattern (Taygete by Rosemary Hill) is delightful, I followed it exactly, and love the results. I think I’m just easily distracted!

IMG_5028I love the details: the stripes, the lace, and that interminable picot bind-off. The bind-off actually wasn’t so bad as long as your cable needle doesn’t snap partway through and you trust the pattern. The instructions didn’t make sense in my brain but they worked fine when I just went along with them.


The shawl turned out to be a great size: 80″ wide by 24″ deep. It’s a little bit long and shallow for me to wear draped over the shoulders in the traditional fashion, but it’s absolutely perfect as an ‘I just casually flung this around my neck’ accessory and demands being knit in a luxurious, drapey, soft-as-kittens yarn like Bugga.


Despite my slightly pained expression, I really do love this shawl and look forward to wearing it. Not convinced that the kerchief-style shawl is for you? How about now:


My dashing Fiasco is pulling. it. off. Even though he isn’t small or blonde, there’s just something about a stripey shawl on a man that gives off a decidedly Stephen West vibe. What’s your favorite shawl pattern?

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15 thoughts on “FO Friday #22: Third Time’s The Charm

  1. Anything by Stephen West is a good shawl, I like this one a lot! It looks great on you and your Fiasco. I’m working on designing a shawl now and seeing this at 80inches makes me want to start over and make it longer.


  2. I love that last Fiasco shot. He’s giving us a coy look.

    So what are you going to cast on now that you’ve finished such a long term project? I find that I get a feeling of knitting-invincibility where I forget how long it took to make a project…. and I want to cast on all the things!


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