WIPWed #32: Nearly There!

The Zombie Shawl (because it’s been hibernating and resurrected so many times over the last 2 years) is complete and blocking! Not before it gave me a world of trouble, though.


See how I’m doing a picot bindoff (those fun little green peaks) all around the edge of the shawl? Yeah, my cable needle SNAPPED when I was 90% of the way through picking up edge stitches around the entire perimeter of the shawl. I was not pleased. I had to attach my needle tips onto a new cord and carefully rescue the fallen stitches before I could continue… sometime in the middle of the night, no less, because I have an intense need to finish things when I get near the end. Helpful hint: use a nice long DPN for the bind off maneuvers, it’ll put much less strain on your circular needle. I hope to have finished pics on Friday!

And remember that big idea I was going on about a while ago?


I’ve been making a bit of progress on my Purple Squishy. It’s slow going because I just pick it up here and there, nonchalantly and at random. It’s working up pretty nicely, though, and you can see I’m through the first (of 5) full skein of purple Malabrigo and onto the first (of 4) full skein of purple mystery wool.

That’s all I have for WIP Wednesday this week, click the image below to read more!


5 thoughts on “WIPWed #32: Nearly There!

  1. Oh noes! Broken needles in the middle of picking up stitches is never good. Thank goodness for interchangeable tips so it wasn’t a total loss! I love the colors in your shawl and am looking forward to seeing your big squishy blanket when it’s done!


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