All Spun Up

The first ever shipment of the BMFA Rockin’ Whorl Club arrived! Consider this your spoiler alert. If you don’t want to see pictures of the fiber, you should click away now…


Ok, now onto the good stuff!


The shipment contained 8 oz. of 100% Polwarth wool in a colorway (aptly) named Prism. Other appropriate colorway names would’ve been Rainbow Brite, Gay Pride Frenzy, or Clown Heaven. Guys, I love it, but this fiber is BRIGHT.


And since I’m used to spinning 4 oz braids, it feels like there is a TON of it! What I like about Tina’s clubs is that she provides Dyer’s Notes that discuss her inspiration. For this fiber, she wanted to illustrate all of the different ways one could play with color during spinning. She spun this fiber up in a myriad of ways to show how different techniques affected the color progressions in the finished yarns and knitted swatches, which was super cool.

IMG_4964The color progression as she dyed it is mirrored, the sequence goes ROYGBIV-VIBGYOR rather than repeated ROYGBIV-ROYGBIV. I would like to keep that sequence, I think, since it looked so lovely in the swatch that gradually changed colors, but I might want to play around and recreate different color effects like Tina did in her notes. Because, really, what am I going to wear made out of rainbow-colored yarn? My thoughts are thick house socks or maybe armwarmers. Any suggestions?

Have you heard about Spinzilla? It is an event organized by The National Needlearts Association and Spinning and Weaving Group to promote spinning and raise money for craft-related education. For the cost of $10 you can enter the competition, join a team, and spin as much as humanly possible between October 7th and October 13th.  Whichever team collectively spins the most yardage (in singles) wins a trophy and bragging rights, plus some prizes. I’m thinking of joining the Spin Off team. Is anybody else participating? Be sure to check out the first of many education-related blog posts for Spinzilla, too!


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