IS #37: You Think You’re Generous?

You haven’t seen generosity until you’ve seen the gigantic, amazing, wonderful, fantastic, impressive, beautiful sock yarn blanket that Deb (a.k.a. discoknits) is giving away. Yes, you heard correctly: giving away.

Blanket flat

Photo from discoknits blog

Deb is knitting a Bee Keeper’s Quilt entirely out of Socks That Rock yarn, which will go to one lucky winner chosen from among those who donate at least $5 to her cause. Deb is fundraising and running a marathon in honor of her late brother and in support of children’s charities in the US and the UK. She has already knit over 350 hexipuffs, and look how gorgeous they are!

You can donate to support the US children’s charity here. As you can see, she’s already met her goal (woohoo, go Deb!) but more never hurt anybody. Plus wouldn’t it be wonderful to win that gorgeous quilt? I’m still totally gobsmacked at the knitter’s propensity to give. It really is inspiring.


I’ve contacted the winners and will be mailing the yarn out on Monday. Thanks so much to all who commented and liked and followed, etc. It was great to hear from everybody and find some new blogs to follow, myself!

What’s been inspiring you lately?



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