IS #35: Sheep-y Dreams

Happy Saturday, everyone! This week for Inspiration Saturday I’d like to talk about a cooperatively-funded project that I think is wonderful… both the project itself and the way it came about.

Photo from Violently Domestic

I first heard about this project on Hunter Hammersen’s blog, Violently Domestic. She is one of my favorite designers and she, along with many other talented people, contributed a pattern to this series of pattern e-books that you can purchase for $20. The proceeds from the sale of these patterns will go to support research into Shetland sheep conducted by Deborah Robson. There are 36 patterns included in the series, all of them interesting and look like they’d make great gifts. I particularly like Hunter’s Interstices mitts:

and the Shetland Flat Cap by Ava Coleman:

If you aren’t familiar with Deborah Robson, she teaches a free, mini-course on Craftsy (“Know Your Wool”) and she’s one of the co-authors on The Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook, which as you know is my go-to resource for sheep-related information for my personal spinner’s study. She is a fantastic writer, a thorough researcher, and she’s contributing enormously to our understanding of sheep breeds from a biological, historical, and ecological perspective. As a scientist myself, I have a giant crush on everything she writes. It’s informative, interesting, and important work. It also costs money, which is where this e-book of patterns comes in. Here’s an older blog post and a more recent blog post she wrote on the topic, plus a summary of why she’s focusing on Shetland sheep. I find both her work and the fact that dozens of designers donated their time and effort to raise money to support her work equally inspiring. What’s been inspiring you, lately?


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