WIPWed #30: Why, hello there!

It’s been a little while and I’ve been jonesing to blog but I’ve been spending that blogging time creating a whole new blog! Welcome to the new woolendiversions.com, folks. 🙂 My old blogger blog will no longer be updated as of today. I hope you like the new space! I switched to WordPress because I like the comment system better here as well as the ability to nest pages (see the Patterns tab for an example of what I mean). I also wanted a style overhaul. How do you like the new look? I’m still tweaking some things and filling in information, but for the most part I think this place is ready to roll (plus I couldn’t wait any longer). Suggestions are always welcome, though!

Onto the knitting! While the blog has been my biggest WIP I have been working on a few knitting projects, as usual. Seems it’s been mostly shawls as of late. (Clicking on the photos will bring you to their Ravelry project pages for more details.)

Zombie Shawl:

ImageThis is the Taygete shawl that I’ve been working on for two entire years. (Crazy, right?) It’s been hibernating and resurrected more times than I can count. However, I’m halfway through the lace now and am determined to finish it for this fall!

Lime Mixer:

ImageThis is the simple, striped stockinette shawl I wrote about for my most recent Inspiration Saturday post. My fingers have had a tough time adjusting to knitting a laceweight silk/mohair blend on size US 8 needles, but the sections where the yarn is doubled up with the fingering weight Merino/silk have been really nice to work.

Deep Dark Stellaria:

ImageI finally began the Stellaria shawl I’ve been lusting after since I was debating what to do with this gorgeous yarn a few months ago. The yarn is Codex, a 52% silk / 48% BFL singles yarn that is occasionally sold by The Verdant Gryphon. I absolutely adore it, and I especially love it in this colorway, which I have collected on three of the VG yarn bases (hence my indecision). I’m happy with this shawl except for one thing:

ImageCan you see that weird little hole at the center top there? It seems that back at the beginning of the shawl I somehow twisted the fabric and kept right on knitting without noticing. Even though the Fiasco thought I was crazy, the hole bothered me enough that I frogged the whole thing and started over. I further justified my actions by deciding I wanted the shawl larger anyway and cast on an extra 20 stitches (oy). The knitter’s brain, oh, how it works.

That’s about all I’ve been working on, besides the blog! If you happen to follow me on a feed reader, please update your links! I’m planning to host a ‘blogwarming’ giveaway next week, so be sure to stay tuned. And click the image below to see more WIP Wednesday posts!



10 thoughts on “WIPWed #30: Why, hello there!

  1. Unless it is a truly invisible mistake, I believe frogging is the way to go. I’ve got my horror story of a large shawl I don’t use because of a mistake in it.


  2. Very lovely, clean blog. I love it! And as for the WIPs, you are so inspiring. How you manage to have so many at once is a pure mystery to me. I can’t wait to see all of them done!


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