Relaxation: Succeeded

Finally (finally!) the Fiasco and I had a weekend where we were both off from work and had nothing else pressing that needed doing. For what felt like the first time this summer, we got to spend time together and just relax. So yes, camping was glorious. I took exactly one picture because other than to sporadically check the weather, all technology was blissfully turned off.

But at least I snapped a picture of my knitting! 🙂 This project shall now be referred to as Zombie Shawl since it has been hibernating and resurrected more times than I can count. I cast this thing on in August of 2011… yes, 2011. The pattern is Taygete by Rosemary Hill and it’s a lovely design, I don’t know why it’s been so touch-and-go. I’m using a couple of old SG Bugga colorways: Fig Eater and Dog Days Cicada. It’s a great greeny-purple and minty-pale-green combination. My goal is to finish it before we hit the 2 year mark… sigh. At least I’m excited about it again!

I do have a question for you: would you do the lace portion in darker color and the edging in the lighter color (option A), or the lace in the lighter color and the edging in the darker color (option B)? Here are examples I snagged from a couple of gorgeous projects on Ravelry:

Option A, copyright MnM on Ravelry
Option B, copyright paradisepal on Ravelry

They’re both gorgeous but it does make quite a change to the look of the shawl and I flip back and forth constantly over which way I’d like to do it. Thoughts?



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