IS #32: Into The Woods

Happy Saturday, all! This week’s inspiration is nature/the outdoors/the woods because as you’re reading this, I’ve happily unplugged from my computer and have gone off camping for a few days. I love camping and once a year just isn’t enough, but I cherish what I can manage to squeeze in. Cross your fingers that the weather holds out! Here are a few fun woods-related knits I found on Ravelry.

Copyright throughtheloops on flickr

This is the Wood Hollow Vest designed by Kristen Kapur. I love the heathered, textured, cable-y goodness of this vest and it makes me think instantly of fall. I’d love to make one and wear it myself but I have yet to find a button-down collared shirt that fits me in any way and can’t think of what else I’d layer it with. I feel like the design is a but formal-looking to wear just over a tee…

Copyright knittysticks on flickr

These fabulous things are the Maine Woods & Rivers Mittens designed by Pat Higgens and are offered for free. They have such a great colorwork motif and nice details like the double layered cuff and the corrugated ribbing. They look nice and cozy, too.

Copyright Kalurah on Ravelry

This interesting, oversized hood/cowl combo is Through the Woods… designed by Kalurah. It’s completely charming and probably super warm, I’m just not sure I could picture myself actually wearing it… at least not for the short walk from house-car-office. Maybe if I were back in college or living somewhere where I had to walk long distances outdoors in the cold more often than not.

Copyright Emily Ross on Ravelry

And of course there is an explosion of leaf-related patterns on Ravelry but one of my favorite bits of slightly subtle leafy goodness is the Haruni shawl designed by Emily Ross. I started and frogged this one long ago during an overambitious Malabrigo March. I should probably revisit it as it’s a gorgeous design.

What’s your favorite nature-reminiscent pattern? While we’re at it, know of any good campsites or hiking trails in New England?

Also inspiring: this is my 300th post! That’s a lot of blogging! To celebrate, all of my patterns are 30% off on Ravelry with the coupon code ‘300wow’ until next Saturday. Just a little inspiration special for my lovely blog readers, but feel free to spread the word to other bloggers who may not have found me yet! 🙂

Inspiration Saturday is for sharing whatever has been sparking your creativity this week. Please link along below!



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