I’m Counting It

At 12:23 am I finished plying this beautiful blue gem of a skein:

This is the second skein of Bluefaced Leicester wool from the June Pryce Fiber Arts gradient-dyed kit I’ve been spinning for Tour de Fleece. It worked up to a DK-ish weight 3-ply with 270 yards, which is exactly the same as the first skein! So that worked out nicely.

I love love love  the blues in this skein and the way they swirl together when laid like this. Love. The colors are just beautiful. Even better, they were dyed by a woman who is practically my neighbor and is part of my spinner’s guild and knit night! I had lots of fun with this kit and feel like I’ve finally gotten good with chain-plying on the wheel and fixing problems (like when the single breaks). Two braids (8 oz.) were dyed in complimentary gradients with the idea that they would then be knit into something like the Noro striped scarf.

The blue skein still needs its bath, you can see how much longer it looks than the green/purple skein. It’ll spring back a bit after a wash. I’m thinking I might use my skeins for Lee Meredith’s Waving Chevron Scarf, I like the shape of it, but I’m not sure how it’ll look with using 2 colors instead of 3.

Copyright leethal, from Ravelry pattern page

I’ll have to swatch and see. 🙂 But that’s getting ahead of myself. For now I’m just happy that I made 8/9ths of my Tour de Fleece goals! Even though I finished a few minutes past midnight, I’m still counting it! I’m sad I didn’t achieve my extra-special-gold-star-challenge of spinning an ounce of my still-currently-unwashed fleece, but I just did not have a free weekend with good weather to do the washing. Hopefully one will come around soon. For now, yay for Tour de Fleece!



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