Plying Is Magic

Every time I spin, I am delighted by the magic of plying. You take this weird, lumpy, wiry little single of spun fiber and transform it into beautiful, fluffy, real and usable yarn.

This is the BFL fiber I’ve been working on for Tour de Fleece. I spun the gradient-dyed braid worsted style and chain-plied it to preserve the color changes. It’s about 270 yards of DK-ish weight (I always forget to measure wpi before I skein it up… woops). I love the way the colors blend into each other and am excited to see it knit up. This skein represents about half of my TdF goals. I’ve been spinning up the second braid of the gradient kit, as well.

I only have about 2 oz of fiber left to spin. That bobbin on the left is driving me crazy: I can’t find the end of my yarn. The single broke during spinning and the end concealed itself most thoroughly on the bobbin. I was so frustrated I just started a new bobbin but I’m going to have to find the end eventually! Any tips? I already resorted to taking packing tape to the single and trying to lift the end up like lint. It didn’t work.

Darwin approves of the new yarn. This is his stealthy “I look all innocent but turn your back for a second and that yarn will be mine” attack mode. Little devil.



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