Summer Lovin’

This, folks, is what summer is all about.

Under-a-tree sitting, stitch dictionary browsing, design ideas brewing, sock knitting, audiobook listening (preferably anything written by Orson Scott Card and read by Stefan Rudnicki), and ice cream indulging. I call that a perfect afternoon. Yesterday was a very rare Sunday where I had no pressing deadlines, no prior plans, and no Fiasco around to entertain. So I woke up and banged out the mundane housecleaning tasks early and just enjoyed a few hours to myself.

That sexy sock heel you’re lookin’ at is the hard won result of those few hours of concentrated knitting. I’m working on the third pattern of the Tour-de-Sock but I did not think the original heel (a Native American style eagle) really jived with my color choices, so I changed it! Not only is this my first real intarsia (when you use blocks of color in the middle of a row and don’t carry it across the whole thing), it’s my first shaped intarsia and the first intarsia design I worked out for myself… needless to say, there was considerable trial and error. But I sure do love the results even if they took effing forever! Since I worked so hard on the chart for this heel I’m thinking of incorporating it into a sock design… someday. Sigh. I need more afternoons for dedicated, concentrated knitting! They are certainly too few and far between.

Hope your weekends were lovely!



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