FO Friday #19: Partially Finished

I’ve got a few partially-finished projects to show today! Since it’s been uber super busy around here lately, you’re getting the short-and-sweet version.

Remember the simple drop-stitch scarf I was knitting for my physical therapist?

I finished the knitting in almost no time at all and am just waiting for the chance to block it. I improvised the design and actually ripped back from the photo in the previous post so that I could make it narrower. After doing that, I got pretty decent length out of only one skein of Malabrigo Rios! Yay for the magic of dropped stitches.

And then because of the birth of my nephew, I was overtaken by the urge to knit tiny things.

4 inch DPN for scale

So I made a wee baby sock for Logan. I used sport weight leftovers and only cast on 24 stitches which helped this little thing knit up in a jiffy. I hope that baby likes warm toes because itty bitty socks are kind of addicting.

Finally, this is nowhere near done but here’s most of the leg of the third Tour-de-Sock pattern, Lebowski by Star Athena.

I love stripes, especially in such happy colors, and I’m digging the little colorwork bits. I am going to take liberties with the heel, though. The original pattern involves an intarsia eagle and the image is just not jiving with the colors I’m using. Plus, I don’t like to get too fancy with my heels as they take so much wear and tear, they just need to be sturdy. I have a dazzling idea in mind but you’ll have to wait until next time. šŸ™‚ Sidebar: why have I never used Skinny Bugga for socks before? It’s fabulous! It still feels soft and wonderful, but has a lower cashmere content than regular Bugga so hopefully won’t pill and fuzz up as much in socks.

And a gratuitous Darwin picture because he was feeling frisky this morning:

Awwwwww… ouch!

Check out some real more FO’s below!



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