Happy, Happy Monday!

Three things that made me happy this Monday:

1) Discovering that people still liked me! All last week I thought I had received zero comments on any of my blog posts because I stopped receiving emails and because blogger said ‘0 comments’, which made me sad. Not like I expect a ton of responses but I usually have a few on each post (and what blogger doesn’t love comments?). But I was happy to discover today that if I actually clicked on the ‘0 comments’, a whole bunch of Google+ comments showed up! Yay! 🙂 Now please give me your honest thoughts on the Google+ comments, I don’t think I like them (mostly because of the weird disconnect with Blogger) and I don’t really see the advantage of using them. Any thoughts?

2) Residual soreness.

The Fiasco and I spent Sunday traipsing about Beavertail Park and Watson Farm in Jamestown, RI and it was a lovely day. Sun, wind, mud, water, and green green everywhere. And finally (saved the best for last)…

 3) My new nephew arrived today!

In the middle there is all 8.7 lbs of Logan, with his little grumpy gnome face and oversized hat. I wish I could’ve been there to squish those itty bitty cheeks! Top left are the beaming mom and dad, below is the happy big brother Liam, top right is a totally engrossed grandma, and bottom right is an already smitten grandpa. These pictures make me happier than I can say. 🙂

Hope your weeks are off to a good start, too! I am now overwhelmed with the urge to knit some tiny human things.



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