Planning Is Just As Good, Right?

No. Not right. Planning what to knit might be pretty fun, but it is still not just as good as actually knitting. Unfortunately, planning is all I’ve had time for this week. Still, I think it’s a pretty good plan.

L to R: Sock A, Sock B, Sock C plans

The patterns for the Tour-de-Sock are still a mystery (JUST TWO MORE DAYS, YAY!) but they did give some hints of what supplies would be needed to achieve each challenge so we intrepid knitters could prepare. Being probably 70% composed of BMFA Socks That Rock, my sock stash is pretty wild color-wise and many of the patterns suggested semi-solid or tonal skeins, so choosing was actually pretty tough. Sock A suggested a semi-solid with 15 grams of contrast color (uh-oh, colorwork) and I’ll decide which accent to use when I see the pattern. The yarn is STR Lightweight in Melusine and the contrasts are Bugga leftovers. Sock B suggested semi-solid or tonal with about 500 beads of 2 different colors (YES, 500). I have no idea if I have 500 beads there but they’ll have to do. The yarn for this is STR LW Rare Gem Water. Sock C suggests yarn with stripes or a long color change/gradient, so I thought my new BMFA BFL Fingering in SasSwatch might work nicely (and I’m itching to try the new base).

L to R: Sock D, Sock E, and Sock F plans

Sock D just required solid or semi-solid yarn and I couldn’t decide between these skeins. I’ll probably end up going with on that has already been wound but these are Bugga in Northern Purple Gold Beetle, STR LW in Tempest, and the full skein is Bugga in Ruby-Tailed Wasp. Sock E required solid yarn and about 50 matching beads, for which I will use STR LW in Bleck and some gunmetal-colored beads which don’t quite match but look great with the yarn. Finally, Sock F requires 50 grams of one color, 50 of another, and 15 of a third (more colorwork!!). These little bits of Skinny Bugga in natural, Blue Ringed Octopus, and Ghost Moth should do nicely! We’ve been informed that Sock E will be the first challenge, which is sweet because it’s already wound (lazy much?) and I’m excited to see what’s going on with the beads.

Thanks for the lovely wishes about my new nephew… but he’s still forthcoming so I didn’t get to meet him on my trip back home. Poor SIL was in the hospital for 2 days and has been contracting for over a week but the little tyke just doesn’t seem ready to come out yet. Hopefully soon! In the meantime, here’s a happy photo I wasn’t sure I’d ever get to see happen. That’s my current nephew in the middle and my pending nephew in the belly on the right:

Isn’t he a cutie? Now back to life so that eventually I can get back to knitting!


4 thoughts on “Planning Is Just As Good, Right?

  1. Sounds like such a super busy time! So much sock yarn, wow. I'm looking forward to finally trying Socks That Rock, obviously you are probably really inspire me during this fun KAL challenge!


  2. I wish you luck my friend, 6 pairs of socks sounds a bit intense, but you have so many amazing yarns that I think you will be fine – all those yarns will make you WANT to knit! Did you notice that they are all generally in the same color family? I think someone really like blues and greens 😛
    Sending you best wishes for your family and nephew's arrival. ❤



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