WIPWed #27: Stupid Hubris

There I was, knitting along all smug-like, thinking to myself “I’m gonna whip out the rest of this baby sock tonight and it will be PERFECT and finished JUST IN TIME because my new nephew is coming along any second”… and then I finished. And it was not perfect.

Sock 1 on the left, Sock 2 on the right.

What the friggity-frack happened here? I’m honestly perplexed. I wrote down everything I did… as in 11 rows ribbing, 4 rows blue, 2 rows green, 8 rows blue, heel on 15 sts, 16 rows of heel, pick up 9, etc etc etc. Everything, in exact numbers, none of this “knit to # inches” business on an item so tiny. I even forced my friend to measure her baby’s feet so I could make these fit perfectly! I like my socks to exactly match and these, clearly, do not. I was working on Sock 1 on the plane on the way to Tennessee and I know I frogged back a bit and made changes to the heel, perhaps I wrote something down incorrectly? But it’s especially confusing because I knit Sock 2 to the instructions I wrote for Sock 1, and they are clearly not the same. Which do I frog then, Sock 1 or Sock 2?? This incident plus the 2 feet of scarf I had to rip out last week has me convinced that I should maybe give up on airplane knitting for anything that needs measuring… Only dishcloths and blankets on vacation from now on!

I left my other two active WIPs in the office so that’s all the photos I have but I’m just a a few rows from the end of my Beautiful Briny Sea shawl and am making steady progress on my Budding Lintilla shawlette, too. Now to figure out those socks…

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9 thoughts on “WIPWed #27: Stupid Hubris

  1. it looks like the foot is where the extra length is… I think. Maybe you transposed numbers, or lost count at some point? which one actually fits a baby foot? you can leave that one, rip out the other to the point of difference and reknit from there.

    sorry that knitting has such a messed up sense of humor!


  2. Wow. That is so weird that that happened, I have never seen a second sock that off before :/ Hmmmmm…..I agree with cleancup, that you need to figure out which is the best fit and go from there.


  3. Oooh, this is like the time I woke up after a night of celebrating a friend's birthday to find out that I'd finished my second mitten the night before… and it was a good inch shorter than the first! I'd frog the smaller one–kids grow so fast that most parents seem pretty happy to get things in larger sizes.


  4. Oh the socks are so nice. I wonder if you were more tense or stressed knitting the second one. Your gauge looks a little tighter. Do you think you could wash and block them to be the same?


  5. Gorgeous yarn colours. Looks to me like the heel flap and gusset are much longer on sock 1 than on sock 2. I've ripped out more socks than I can count. Put it aside, take a deep breath and do it when you're ready 🙂


  6. Oh, man, do I feel your pain. Just got to the heel of a second sock and realized I did 54 instead of 56 stitches and the sock is just a wee bit too hard to go over the heel. blech! the giftee says I should not rip, but……………I think I'm totally going to.


  7. I had that happen with a pair of socks once. Turns out my gauge had indeed changed between the first and second sock. I think I was stressed when knitting one of them.

    I wish you luck in figuring out what happened.



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