Catch Up Catch Up

Man, my trip to Tennessee and the following busy week really did me in, I could not get out of my own way yesterday! I was supposed to go to the Rhode Island Sheep and Fiber Festival (which I went to last year) and spin with my guild, but I slept until NOON and then the afternoon sped away before I could catch up with it. Between that and the back spasm I had that prevented me from going to spin at another festival a few weeks ago, I feel like something out there is trying to keep me from spinning, which certainly isn’t cool. Between that and the fact that I’ve been inspired by a newbie spinner documenting her “spinning journey”, I think I’m going to make a goal to spin for just 15 minutes or so every single day… starting in June because the rest of May is going to escape just as quickly as the first half did. Anybody else want to spin along? I’ve integrating knitting into my daily routine, but haven’t yet done so with spinning and I’d really like to get into a good rhythm with it.

BMFA Mopsy, colorway Ramalaba

Remember the Non-STR Blue Moon Fiber Arts KAL I told you about? Well, we’re halfway through May and I still need to wind the yarn I want to use for it! Good thing the KAL goes through the summer. Especially since I’m working out a design using this yarn that I think I’m going to submit to Twist Collective if I really like the swatch. That means I might need to choose a different item to knit for the KAL… maybe I’ll finally start the chunky lace shawl I’ve been wanting to make with De-Vine:

BMFA De-Vine, colorway Pond Scum

Anyway, I’m making lots of lists today to help with that crazy scattered feeling that comes with too little free time and too many things to do. Besides winding yarn and swatching for a design, I’ve been meaning to update my stash with the souvenir yarn I brought home from Tennessee!

Great little shop in TN!

Even though it was Mother’s Day and I should’ve been spoiling her, when my mom and I visited Bliss Yarns during our trip she ended up buying me lots and lots of yarn. I was hemming and hawing over which skein to get (I had a weird feeling that I really didn’t need any more yarn… STRANGE I KNOW) and so she ended up just getting me everything I looked at.


Top left is some 100% baby alpaca from Juniper Moon Farms that I will be using for a Huacaya hat. I was sad to give the original sample of the design away and want a pure alpaca version for myself, too. Top right is a skein of Madelinetosh sock in Mansfield Garden Party that reminds me of gardens, confetti, and cake sprinkle frosting all at once. Since yardage is a little light in Madelinetosh yarns I probably wouldn’t have enough for a shawl so these will be silly-fun socks. At the bottom are two skeins of Madelinetosh dk in Cathedral, which is a fascinating brown-lilac-blue-iridescent color that I have no idea what to do with, but love anyway. In the middle is a skein of Miss Babs “Yummy” sock yarn that Mom picked out and ordered a pair of socks be made from, which I’d say she certainly deserves!

Phew, that’s a few things off my list! Hope you’re having a productive and/or relaxing weekend. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Catch Up Catch Up

  1. Spending my weekend packing! But your adventures look like much more fun haha.
    I would love to spin everyday, I haven't picked up my spindle in at least a month. But I don't know if there is even enough time in the day anymore, with everything else I have going!


  2. A few minutes a day really does make a difference! Even though I've been spinning for close to a decade now, I'm trying to spin a bit every day too. There's always room for improvement and it helps me get through large projects in a more, er, timely fashion 🙂


  3. That green skein is so pretty! I wouldn't have been able to resist such pretty yarns either! I really like the idea of working spinning into a daily routine, I've been letting mine fall by the wayside for some reason. I'll totally spin along with you 15 minutes everyday, fabulous idea!



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