IS #23: May Flowers

Apparently, a week of busy vacation that involved very little sleep followed by a week of super late nights working on deadline knitting takes its toll on a girl. I slept a full 11 hours last night, which means I’m halfway through Saturday already with many of my plans out the window and a head that’s a little too foggy to come up with a really involved Inspiration Saturday post. So, instead, have some pretty pictures of flowers from Cheekwood Gardens in Nashville, TN!

Don’t they make you want to knit something botanical? Maybe like the leafy Rue de college hat or the Rosebud shawl? What’s your favorite flower-y knit?

Oh, and here’s the finished deadline knitting… 6 feet of knitting in 10 days, even with a midway frogging, is not bad!

What’s been inspiring you lately? Link along and share!


2 thoughts on “IS #23: May Flowers


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