WIPWed #26: So This Is Monogamy

Hello, friends! I am back from Tennessee with some stories and photos to share, but those will have to wait until a later date as right now I have a deadline. A knitting deadline (my favorite kind!) which has forced me to be monogamous in my WIPs. No cheating. All week long, all I knit was this:

Aren’t you proud of me? That is a stockinette scarf with tapered ends, knit on the bias. A friend requested it and needed it quickly which worked out well because its simplicity made it excellent vacation knitting. However, a few hours ago it was a couple of feet longer. (Yes, you heard that right.) I had to rip back because I had missed the midpoint of the scarf, knitted right on past it, where I needed to change the direction of the bias so the ends would taper like I wanted them to. This was not a happy realization, especially since he needs this thing by Friday. Oy. Knit like the wind!

The yarn’s really nice, though. I haven’t used any with quite so much bamboo content before (77% bamboo, 23% Merino wool) but I’m loving the way the fabric feels. Loose, flowy, cool — dare I say, exquisite. The yarn is currently on sale for half off at Webs, if you’re interested.

That’s all I have time for today, folks, I’ve gotta get through about 2 feet of scarf tonight. The Fiasco is highly amused by this project. He calls it my Dr. Seuss scarf. It does kind of remind me of a Thneed.


11 thoughts on “WIPWed #26: So This Is Monogamy

  1. Good luck with reaching the deadline. Nothing kills the knitting mojo faster than ripping back feet of a project. Thank goodness it wasn't laceweight!


  2. I'm excited to hear about your trip! I love the color that you are using, I could never wear it with my hair color but I'm sure it is super soft! I haven't had great luck with bamboo fitting patterns well so I'm curious to see how this comes out, lovely I'm sure!


  3. Blocking went pretty well, but since gauge isn't important for the scarf I didn't have to try to force it to a certain size. My main concern was not stretching it much lengthwise since it'll drape that way on its own.



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