Random Monday

With so much going on lately, I’ve amassed quite a few little tidbits that I’ve been meaning to blog about but hadn’t gotten around to, so you’re getting them all here in one big random post!

1) Remember the Great Rhody Yarn Crawl? Well, it turns out I won a door prize at one of my favorites of the shops I visited that day, Eneri Knits!

They gave me a great zippered tote bag as well as three balls of pretty yellow fingering weight Merino baby yarn and a book of Dale of Norway baby patterns! There’s a sweet little dress in there I think would look great in yellow.

I probably won’t get around to knitting it anytime soon and the only baby girl I know is quickly growing (sorry, Lyra!) so this will probably be for my own future baby. I’m not planning on having a baby anytime soon, but that’s ok, the wool will wait.

2) I finally received the buttons I’d been waiting for to properly finish my Plovate shawl. I finished the knitting in 2 days but had to wait about 4 weeks for buttons. I was about ready to quit on the idea that they would ever arrive… when they came, it turned out I had ordered them from freakin’ Hong Kong. No wonder they took so long! Huge carbon footprint on these little leather toggles. Ooops.

They are perfect for this shawl, though! (Sorry for the terrible self-modeled pic, the Fiasco and I never seem to be home together in daylight for a proper photoshoot.) I loved the pattern as well as the finished shawl and highly recommend it.

3) I broke my June Pryce Fiber Arts gradient BFL fiber up into bits in preparation to begin spinning. I love how they look in the ziplocs, especially the blue that goes from light to dark, the finished yarn is going to be so fun. The ziplocs are necessary for both fiber organization and protection, as Darwin got a hold of the braids last week and nearly ripped the blue one to shreds. I was not pleased but I think most of it is still spin-able.

I hope you’re having a great start to the week!


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