WIPWed #23: Easy Now

I’ve been all “what do I knit next?” and “which pattern do I match with these yarns?” for a couple of weeks now and my crazy schedule lately has provided an easy answer: ANYTHING. Knit anything simple that I can manage in the very few minutes I have in which to do so. Between (still) trying to finish a publication based on my master’s thesis, the Fiasco’s car spectacularly failing inspection leading to a bout of reluctant car-shopping, dealing with a cell phone that quit on me out of the blue, worrying over my mom’s neck surgery she had today, and preparing for big meetings at work — things have been a tad hectic. Here’s what I’ve been able to knit this week:

Tiny Turn-A-Square:

Sanguine Gryphon Bugga, colorway Box Jellyfish (now sold by Cephalopod Yarns)

I have seriously been casting on what will be a baby-sized Turn A Square hat for my future nephew since Saturday. Crazy, right? Right. What is nice, though, is that I was able to get out of work early enough to enjoy some sunshine today, so I headed straight to a local wildlife refuge and took a 2-hr walk through some coastal areas:

My cell phone takes lame photos so this is all you’ll get.

After essentially hibernating January through March, it felt so good to be outside again. The only problem is my feet and legs didn’t quite agree. I wore new sneakers that have only seen the treadmill for a half hour at a time, so traipsing for 3+ miles over gravel, sand, and grass trails was a bit rough. My feet blistered up pretty bad and I’m sure I’ll be feeling the walk in my legs and hips tomorrow… but it was worth it. πŸ™‚

No other knitting has occurred this week, I swear — which is just wrong. I have been winding some yarn, though (yes, I’m still in the process of that, too):

BMFA Socks That Rock Mediumweight, colorway Budding Twig

This lovely springtime-colored-skein will become a Lintilla shawlette, designed by Martina Behm. It is a sweet, ruffly, garter stitch shawlette that will be perfect for office knitting. I’m starting this project instead of all of the ones I debated before, in order to 1) use my home-knitting-time to finish up some old WIPs and 2) give me more time to make up my mind on the other shawls. Solid plan, I think. Plus, who could resist knitting such a happy springtime colorway mid-April? Nobody.

Hope you’re all having a good week! Check out more WIPs by clicking the image below.


14 thoughts on “WIPWed #23: Easy Now

  1. Sounds like a wonderful walk, I'm only starting to appreciate nature walks in the past few years, though I've been 'forced' onto them since I was a kid! Also, that blue yarn is gorgeous, even just barely cast on as it is.


  2. It needs to get nice and stay nice here, because I've been really wanting to knit outside. I love the blue on that hat, I can't wait to see it done, and that sock yarn is gorgeous too. Why do you always pick such amazing yarns!?!? I hope you can get all your busy stuff done, good luck!


  3. I didn't realize that there were such neat fonts used for the colorways of the Rockin' Sock Club. And I think Budding Twig is a great colorway to knit in the spring. I look forward to seeing it cast on.


  4. OMG, I can totally agree with you!! Granted, I'm not on the master thesis bit yet, but not having time to knit/crochet is totally killing me right now. I'm forcing time out of my schedule!
    And, yes! Bring on the Spring Colors!! I have been suffering from too much cast-on-itis, and the things I'm working on HAVE to be colorful.
    Hope you are able to make some office-knitting-progress as well as at-home WIP cleaning progress πŸ™‚


  5. Ah yes, the good old Massachusetts car inspection process, my parents are getting ready to enjoy it, poor souls. As for the publication, I think that it is utterly wonderful news that you are getting to write it, that means that your master's work was very good. I know it seems stressful now, but when you finish you are going to feel so accomplished. You can do this! I also love the colorway you picked for the hat, my eye keeps on being drawn to it, it is just such a pretty color.



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