2013 First Quarter Recap

Every once in a while it’s good to pause and take stock and that’s what this post is about. I made a list of fiber-related goals for 2013 to keep me on track and I figured once a quarter I’ll assess what I’ve accomplished.

Design Goals:
If we’re being honest, my designing took a bit of a back seat as I started my new job, moved to RI, and was generally just settling into new routines. Not much on my list has been accomplished yet, but I’m ready to start getting into it again. I’ve held back a bit lately because I entered into The Fiber Factor competition and was waiting to see if I’d be chosen or not, since that would’ve taken up the next 6 months of my design time! I didn’t get into the competition but I am in the ‘meet the applicants’ video for a few seconds in case you’re curious to hear what I sound like when I’m feeling awkward and rushed before leaving for a road trip (at 4:43 min). Onto the goals:

    • publish a Malabrigo Quickie–DONE!
    • publish a design with Cephalopod Yarns (in progress)
    • publish a design with KnitPicks
    • publish in an online or print magazine
    • finish and publish 4 more socks for my How I Met Your Mother series (2 in progress)
    • design a shawl 
    • finish mitten design

I have the yarn for KnitPicks already and have my eye on a couple of submissions so I think I can make some more progress soon. I’m also planning on jumping back into my Lilypad Socks design, especially now that it’s spring. They’re actually nearly done I’ve just sort of, um, misplaced them during the move and need a bit of time to concentrate on the last fiddly bits (once I find them again).

Knitting Goals:

    • finish 50 projects this year (17 complete so far)
    • finish (or frog) all of my ancient WIPs
    • finish 13 SG/VG/CY projects in 2013 (4 complete so far)
    • finish my First Garment vest (in progress)
    • work on my (long neglected) sock yarn opus
    • knit a pair of toe-up socks
    • knit a pair of colorwork socks 
    • knit a pair of socks from handspun yarn

I’ve made excellent progress towards finishing 50 projects this year, with 17 already done since January, beginning with the Official Zig-A-Zig project. Most of them were small but they still count! I’ve also gotten a decent start on finishing 13 SG/VG/CY project in 2013 (3 of which can be old WIPs) of which I’ve completed 4 new projects so far. I have, however, made dismal progress on finishing or frogging my ancient WIPs, seeing as I’ve been knitting only new stuff. I’m remedying that right now by resurrecting my Beautiful Briny Sea shawl:

SG and CY Bugga, colorways Box Jellyfish and Blue-Ringed Octopus

I stalled out on the ribbing at the bottom of the shawl because I got off by a stitch with all of the M1 increases that were going on, but I’ve tinked back and am ready to tackle the last few inches. Plus, I should really finish this shawl while the sneakers that match it are still wearable!

Spinning Goals:

    • spin a truly worsted-style skein using combed prep and short forward draw
    • spin a truly woolen-style skein using carded prep and long drawDONE!
    • spin a skein of 3-ply sock yarn
    • spin a skein of laceweight 2-ply on my spindle (in progress)

After I spin the lovely gradient kit that I recently purchased, I will start on the worsted-style skein using this gorgeous Gotland fiber:

from Two Sisters Stringworks

So that’s the plan! Overall, I’m happy with the progress I’ve made but do very much need to address the hibernating WIPs situation. Twenty-eight is far too many. Did you make a list of goals for 2013? How are you faring?


6 thoughts on “2013 First Quarter Recap

  1. Yeah moving and starting a job can really shut you down, there is just too much to do and think about. I don't think I've passed that stage yet either yet. But you've done so much so far considering all that has been happening in your life. 28 WIPs is daunting, but you can do it! I've been pretty slow at my goals, but school has been ruling my life.


  2. I haven't looked at my list in awhile, maybe I should. I still am very unsure about the difference between worsted and woolen spinning, and I feel like I need to figure that out before I spin anymore…hmm…


  3. A super-quick-definition is:

    worsted = fibers are all aligned (usually with combing to form top) and held straight during spinning. This is often done through 'short forward draw', when you hold the fiber in one hand and keep the twist pinched off so it doesn't enter the fiber supply, then use the other hand to slowly draw fibers forward bit by bit, keeping them nice and neat and orderly. It makes a denser, smoother yarn.

    woolen = fibers are not aligned, they go every-which-way and are usually prepared by carding into roving or rolags. Woolen yarns are usually spun 'long draw' which means you hold the fiber in one hand but do not pinch off the twist, you let the twist travel up into the fiber supply and you draw the fiber supply away from the wheel/spindle while the other hand manages the twist further away from the fiber supply hand. Or a semi-woolen skein can be accomplished with combed top if you 'spin from the fold' — take a bunch of fiber, tease it apart a little, then fold it in half and spin from the folded edge. This unaligns the fibers and produces a very light, fluffy, and airy yarn.



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