IS #17: Overly Inspired

As I debated over what project to begin next, I realized that my problem was a combination of overabundance of choice as well as OCD-like need to find the Perfect Project for the yarn I had to both highlight the yarn itself and fill holes in my wardrobe/accessories. So I spent some time cleaning up my queue and trying to think about what I had and what I wanted and I came to the conclusion that some of my indecision is Gryphon’s (from The Verdant Gryphon) fault.

The trouble-making colorway: Ruby-Tailed Wasp

Gryphon is far too good at designing neutral-but-not-neutral-up-close colorways. I’ve loved the one pictured above for years now. It’s a sophisticated black with undertones of bright teal and reddish purples. I adore it, but have not actually knit with it yet for fear of not finding the right project for it. Instead, I slowly accumulated it on a variety of bases: Codex (51% BFL wool, 49% silk, 235 yards worsted weight, 4 skeins), Bugga (70% Merino wool, 20% cashmere, 10% nylon, 412 yards sport weight, 2 skeins), and Mithril (100% Merino wool, 750 yards laceweight, 1 skein). I actually had it in a fourth base, too, but gave that one away because apparently 3 permutations of the same colorway is my limit.

But now, what to knit? It’s high time I used these lovelies as they would make perfect work-appropriate knitwear and so I’ve spent a good deal of time mentally juggling all of the shawls and scarves and stoles and hats I could be making with what I have. Because I’m a little anal about it and I want to make sure I actually wear what I make, I didn’t want to choose (for example) two similar-looking crescent shawl patterns for two different bases, as even though they would be different weights they would be so similar in look/shape/color that they’d serve essentially the same purpose and just be redundant. So I think I’ve come up with a plan… actually, several plans, which is why I’m still debating. What would you do?

Codex choices A & B:
Since the Codex was a special order I had four skeins of it (>800 yards) which really opens up the options as far as patterns go.

Copyright fiberfool

I had originally planned to make a Tesni shawl, designed by Kristi Scheuler, to take advantage of the available yardage. The shawl has a great swing-y shape and calls for over 600 yards of wool/silk blend worsted weight yarn. It would be a good, purposeful, shoulder-warming shawl, almost better for outerwear than for an office accessory. But then, I saw this:

Copyright BellyLaugher

That is BellyLaugher’s gorgeous version of Stellaria, designed by Susanna IC. She used a bout 2.5 skeins of  Codex in the same colorway I’m working with and I love it. I would probably modify the shawl to be a little bit deeper but overall I love the look, and I’d have some yarn leftover for a matching hat or pair of Beribboned Wrists.

Bugga choices 1, 2, and 3:

Copyright froggydear

I thought one skein of the Bugga would make a lovely Milky Way Scarf, designed by Lynn Bethke, especially since I had a second skein I could break into if needed to finish it, and then I’d use the rest of the second skein for a pair of socks.

Copyright Rosemary Hill

Option 2 would be the Celaeno shawl, designed by Romi. I have adored this pattern for years and 2 skeins of Bugga would more than enough, might still be able to use the other for a pair of socks. However, the beads are a bit of a deterrent for me. I love them and they’re beautiful but they would significantly slow this project down because I could only knit it at home when I’m concentrating. But, I do still want this shawl someday.

Copyright Kate Gilbert

Then of course there’s the ever popular (with over 20,300 projects!) Clapotis scarf/stole, designed by Kate Gilbert. It’s actually written for about 800 yards of a wool/silk worsted weight (ahhhh another Codex option) but I think I’d like it better in Bugga, I don’t want it to be quite that weighty as it would be an indoor-office-scarf. This would probably take both skeins.

Mithril choices X, Y, and Z:

Copyright Tashabear

This is Tashabear’s version of the Sweet Dreams shawl, designed by Boo Knits. There was a KAL for this shawl a while back on either the Sanguine Gryphon or Verdant Gryphon boards on Ravelry and I adored every single finished shawl I saw. This is a laceweight, crescent-shaped, gothic-y looking shawl like the Stellaria, so I don’t think I’d want to knit both, which is where the main bit of my trouble comes from. Plus, there’s another I love…

Copyright picnicknits

Option Y is Longfellow, designed by Corrina Ferguson (one of my faves!) specifically for Mithril as part of her great Seven Sonnets collection. I love the concept of her collection (shawls inspired by poets!), the fact that the shawl uses most of the skein, and I like supporting designers I admire, so this one is high on the list, too.

Copyright SunSun

This is the Dew Drops shawl, designed by Bex Hopkins. It’s a lovely free pattern that I think would look striking in a darker colorway, and it’s a triangle-shaped shawl so it would be different from all the crescents I’ve been showing here.

In an ideal world, I’d like to have one scarf, one crescent, and triangular-ish shawl. The way I see it, there are a few viable combinations:

Codex A, Bugga 1, Mithril X
Codex A, Bugga 1, Mithril Y
Codex A, Bugga 2, Mithril X
Codex A, Bugga 2, Mithril Y
Codex A, Bugga 3, Mithril X
Codex A, Bugga 3, Mithril Y
Codex B, Bugga 1, Mithril Z
Codex B, Bugga 3, Mithril Z

Clearly, I’m getting far too caught up in the decision-making process and just need to knit something already.

In related news, The Verdant Gryphon has just started a customer referral appreciation program. Since so much of their popularity came through word-of-mouth of their (rather obsessed) fans, they’d like to give a little back, which I think is wonderful. If you’ve never ordered from them before and feel inspired to do so by any of my frenzied Bugga/Mithril/Codex love, please consider using my referral number when you order. You need to create a new account on their website and enter “70BKP8” into the ‘were you referred to us?’ box. If you do, you’ll receive 10% off your first order and I’ll receive $5 store credit, so win-win! 🙂

Anyway, I hope you’ve been inspired by this post to either 1) stop dithering over choices and just get knitting or 2) get some VG yarn. What else has been inspiring you lately? Link along below and share!


6 thoughts on “IS #17: Overly Inspired

  1. Goodness this post was rather overwhelming, I kept on scrolling through thinking “Oh I must knit this one!”…”No, no, no. this one!”….”Now THIS is the one!” You've certainly passed on your inspiration to me! I also must say on the subject, that you have got to be one of the best people I know at matching yarns with patterns, you definitely have a knack for it.


  2. Woah. That is a lot to take in. I wish I could tell you which ones to make, I really do. But alas, that is your final decision. What I can say is good luck, those yarns are simply wonderful, no wonder you have so many in that color!


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