IS #16: Others’ Malabrigo March

I thought it would be nice to round up a spattering of some particularly impressive, gorgeous, and inspiring Malabrigo March projects created by other knitters on Ravelry. These are all projects that were started and finished within the month of March. If you want to check out more, there are 935 projects tagged with ‘malabrigomarch2013’ available for your perusal (which is impressive in its own right)! Here are just a few that caught my eye.

himawari’s Trenzado:

Copyright himawari

According to the project page, this sport-weight (knit in Arroyo), 1200-yard sweater was knit in 8 days. EIGHT DAYS! The speed is impressive, the knitting looks impeccably neat, and I love the style of the sweater, which is Trenzado by Kristen Hanley Cardozo.

sarahtomic’s Martinmas Vert:

Copyright sarahtomic

This shawl is just lovely. I adore the spirng-crocus-like color combination and the knitter added beads to it, as well, which you can see if you look closely. This is knit in Malabrigo Sock, which is a really great base for lace shawls (less so for socks, in my humble opinion) with lots of yardage. The (free!) pattern is Martinmas Shawl by Sarag Burghardt.

orrmk’s Rondelay:

Copyright orrmk

This project is another gorgeous little Malabrigo Sock shawlette/scarf. I love the slightly muted, neutral colorway it’s knit in and how the colors highlight the curves in the piece. It’s also a really lovely photo of the finished piece. The pattern, Rondelay, is a really interesting one by Jennifer Dassau. It involves garter stitch, short row shaping, and cast on tricks to join three little half-circles together. The more I look at it, the more I think I’ll need to knit this one just to see how it was done!

What’s been inspiring you, lately? Link along below or leave a comment and share!


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