Phase 1: The Grand Plans

Malabrigo March goes in phases. Phase 1 involves making the Grand Plans, which might be my favorite part. There’s a ton of scheming, stashing, dreaming, thinking, browsing, wishing, and hoping that goes into a month dedicated to Knitting All The Malabrigo Things.There’s a bunch of finishing up involved, as well. Here’s a bit of Malabrigo knitting I hurried through in order to get to… more Malabrigo knitting.

Malabrigo Rios, colorways Archangel and Lettuce

This is a slightly modified version of the *One Baby Sweater* by Erika Flory. It was a simple, no-fuss pattern to which I added a contrasting garter stitch band and changed the closure from a button at the neck to an i-cord tie at the waist. I also lengthened it a bit so the little baby who will eventually wear this can hopefully wear it for a while. Before I can give it to her, though, there are two matching accessories I have planned. In fact, here are all of Malabrigo March plans:

The links don’t work here, this is just a screenshot, but feel free to go to the Ravelry forum.

See where it says “BO 3/3”? I cast on and finished my first Mal March proeject over the weekend!

Can you tell what it is? Probably not.

It was the strangest baby bootie pattern I’d ever knit but they came together in the end.

Like magic!

These are the Little chausses pattern I wrote about in my last Inspiration Saturday post. They were quick and fairly simple, requiring just a bit of trust the pattern muttering and some haphazard seaming at the end. Like I said, they worked out just fine, and I have already cast on for the coordinating hat:

Malabrigo Rios, colorway Lettuce

What are your plans this March? Are you participating in any crazy KALs?


5 thoughts on “Phase 1: The Grand Plans

  1. I love KALs but I never do them or always get behind. I would like to be able to finish up my dragonflies sweater this march though, maybe over spring break. That pink and green baby sweater is just adorable! I can't wait to see the hat.


  2. Your love affair with Malabrigo continues! Your posts always leave me with a strong desire to order as much Malabrigo as I can afford, it is such a lovely brand of yarn! I cannot wait to see what you finish next!



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