Silly Darwin

This kitten gets me into trouble.

Who, me?

I ordered a few things from Knit Picks with a gift card I had, since I needed to replace a pair of needles that the aforementioned kitten went to town on and since I’ve been wanting to work up some of my designs in Knit Picks yarn to publish through their independent designer program. One of the yarns I was particularly excited about trying was their City Tweed DK.

The loot.

As evidenced in the bag of loot above, I ordered 3 balls of the tweed yarn. However, when I opened the package, I only saw 2. I searched all around the couch, under the blankets, on the floor and still could only find 2 balls. I called Knit Picks and they were ever so apologetic and agreed to send a replacement ball right away.

Then I glanced across the room to see Darwin gleefully playing with the missing ball of yarn, looking for all the world like the stereotypical kitten-with-ball-of-yarn image. I then sheepishly called Knit Picks back and explained that I had found the yarn, my kitten had stolen it before I’d even seen it while the phone operator laughed and laughed.

The false face of innocence.

It was quite embarrassing but at least we all know now that Knit Picks is very nice about this sort of thing!


4 thoughts on “Silly Darwin

  1. Bad kitty! You know, I'm pretty sure you are not the only person to call in with that situation. I'm heard good things about that yarn and I've always been tempted to buy some, I look forward to hearing about how you like it. Also, I totally recognize your computer charger, we probably have the same laptop.


  2. That is too funny! What a sneaky kitty. My dog once did that with cookies. It didn't even look like he had taken any off of the plate. But there he was, eating a cookie.


  3. It is so hard to be mad at such a cute kitty! My dad's cat is like that, she will drag my yarn through the whole house in two seconds! I can't wait to see your patterns knit up in that, I have been wanting to order some for a while now!



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