IS #13: Tiny Human Knits

I have a confession to make: I often think that patterns for baby knits are overpriced. Not always, of course, but I find my inclination is to balk at patterns for baby accessories that costs more than $4 or so. I think it’s a size thing. Baby knits are generally quite small and quite simple and my own personal pattern-buying-beliefs dictate that if the knitting is small, quick, or simple than the pattern price shouldn’t be super high. I feel especially strongly about this when it comes to hats and booties, which is why I love the following patterns and designer so much.

Copyright De Rerum Natura
This hat is Little heaume, designed by Solenn Couix-Loarer on Ravelry. I love everything about it: the simple garter stitch, the little pixie peak, the interesting construction… and I am more than happy to pay $4 for it as part of a set with the following booties:
Copyright De Rerum Natura

Aren’t these Little chausses the cutest little things? I love the contrast color band and the way the sharp angles remind me of itty bitty cowboy boots. These patterns are some of the first items I am casting on for Malabrigo March. They are stylish and beautiful, while also remaining fairly simple and affordable.

Copyright Stridou-la-fee

Finally, also by Solenn, I love the Quadrature for Korrigan baby blanket. I think the ratio of simple knitting to interesting detail is perfect: the blanket has a stockinette center knit in the round and is edged by a thick garter stitch border, punctuated with elegant cabling. I can just picture this in a thick, cushy wool… which I would make and keep for myself because it would be gorgeous and a baby would just spit up all over it anyway… hah.

Have you been inspired by anything lately?



6 thoughts on “IS #13: Tiny Human Knits

  1. I love your IS posts, I wish I had an much inspiration as you. I did see some lovely art last night at some galleries that made me want to paint though.
    I love that hat, I can't wait to see yours 🙂


  2. I adore the texture of the yarn used for that blanket, I hope you decide to knit one someday! I'm also so glad to hear that I'm not the only one that thinks that many patterns are overpriced for what they are.



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