WIP Wednesday #20: Motoring Along

I hope you have been having a lovely week! I have been finishing a few non-selfish knits lately, and starting to wind down on the number I still need to make. This is making me very excited as I haven’t knit anything purely for myself in quite a while, so I’m racing along quick-as-I-can to get to the selfish knitting… which if my Ravelry queue has anything to say about it, will likely manifest as a whole truckload of shawls and scarves. Apparently, I’m wishing for some new accessories! Anywho, onto the things I’ve actually been working on…

Festooned Joy:

BMFA Socks That Rock LW, colorway Cofort and Joy

These socks areย  my backup office knitting for when my active WIPs are too complicated to work on while reading or in meetings, so they are progressing but very, very slowly. I’m about halfway through the foot of the first sock.

Fierce Fracas Cuffs:

The Sanguine Gryphon Bugga, colorway Fierce Snake

I modified these cuffs since the original pattern involved a lot of k4tog and ssssk’s, which killed my fingers. They are close enough to the original design by Hunter Hammersen that I still think they look pretty good while also having a bit more stretch and better fit than the original version did for me. These were supposed to be part of my Mom’s x-mas gift but a few designs and commissioned knits delayed them… so they will likely become part of her birthday gift now, since that is next week!

Little One:

Malabrigo Yarns Rios, colorways Archangel and Lettuce

A couple of my dear friends from college just had a little baby girl (!!!) a few days ago, so I’ve been busily knitting on some adorable things for the tiny human that I can no longer keep secret because I’m just too excited! This is a great little cardi called *One Baby Sweater* by Erika Flory. It’s a very simple pattern: one size, one gauge, one button, top down, nothing fancy, for $1.00. I didn’t like the button right at the neck so I changed it up a bit: added a band of contrast color at the waist with a couple of holes through which an i-cord tie will go to close the sweater. I’m making it longer as the baby was already over 9 pounds when she was born and I’d like her to be able to wear it for a while. I was nearly done, too, but then Darwin chewed off the tip of one of my needles so I’m waiting on the replacement because using a needle with a wonky tip feels like nails going across a chalkboard… Oh well! Little baby Lyra isn’t going anywhere.

What have you been working on lately?


11 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday #20: Motoring Along

  1. Ahhh! The cuffs on the socks make me want to squeal, they are just too cute! I'm jealous that you have office knitting time. I like the pretty contrasting colors you picked for the sweater, they work well together!


  2. The cuffs looks great, and I think I need to have a backup office knit project as well, so I can stop having to remember to bring something in on the days when I can get away with it!


  3. Every time I read the acronym BMFA, I read it to myself as BAMF, which those skeins of yarn are. Your sock is striping so well. Hope the second one does the same thing.



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