White As Snow

Here in Rhode Island, we got quite a bit of snow over the weekend and lost power (and thus heat) for a couple of days. What does one do during such dire conditions, you ask?

Gaze out the window at the sugar-dusted greenery.
Watch your Fiasco leap over the snow pile the plow made behind your apartment.
Watch your Fiasco shiver.
Spin a bit (and spin some more later by candlelight!)
Observe Calypso’s ‘come no closer, buddy’ sidelong glare aimed at the ever-growing Darwin.
Try out your “it’s 50 degrees INSIDE look” and thank wool you’re a knitter.
Go for a brief, brisk walk and admire the wintry woods…
And the little frozen creek you never noticed before…
And some of your fine-looking designs in the wild! (Dissipative Cowl on me, Giving Comfort hat on him.)
Finally, finish a lovely commissioned knit! (More on this later.)

How did you fare this weekend?


5 thoughts on “White As Snow

  1. Beautiful photos! The nice thing about stormy weather is that it's a great chance to sit inside and knit! Hope things are better now – my sister lives in Maine and she said they got hit pretty hard.


  2. Such wonderful photos! (And great captions!) I'm sorry to hear you lost power for a few days (never fun), but glad you made the best of it and stayed warm!

    Spinning by candlelight is so peaceful! Isn't it awesome to have hobbies that don't require electricity?



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