Finished-Object-Friday #8

Man, this week flew by. I hope everyone in the northeastern US is all hunkered down in time for the big ol’ snowstorm we’re supposed to be getting today… Thankfully I finished a cozy new winter hat!

Handspun Hat:

This project went from fiber to 2-ply to 4-strand cabled yarn to hat in just over a month, which blows my mind! I’m really happy with the finished hat, too. It’s very warm and dense, matches my purple coat perfectly, and the the bulky-ish yarn knit up nicely on size 10 needles.

I especially love how the colors worked out. Just as I was getting tired of ribbing, the mostly green-and-purple part started to run out so I broke the yarn and skipped a few inches to begin the green-purple-white bit on the main stockinette body of the hat. Then when it was tall enough to begin decreases the mostly green-and-blue part of the yarn began, so it made a fun little bullseye on the crown.

Itty Bitty Booties:

Cephalopod Yarns Skinny Bugga, colorways Blue Ringed Octopus and Ghost Moth

These were made with the Yarn Harlot’s very simple and sweet Cutest Booties pattern. For the ties, I tried essentially cabling some of the Skinny Bugga to a better thickness like I did for the coordinating hat, but it didn’t work as well this time, perhaps because I used a spindle instead of my wheel and maybe didn’t get enough twist in there. I’ll probably make some L-cord to finish these off properly. I forget which book I read it in but L-cord is like i-cord except faster: you cast on a butt-ton of stitches, as long as you want your cord to be, then you cast them off = instant lazy cord. Despite that, I’m calling them done. The little lady who will claim these booties still hasn’t arrived yet so I still have some time to redo and mail them off.

I hope you have a wonderful Friday and stay warm, wherever you are!

5 thoughts on “Finished-Object-Friday #8

  1. Lovely hat! I can't believe how fast that all happened šŸ™‚ It looks amazing on you too. You're so lucky you have someone to take good photos for you. I hope you stay warm this weekend!



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