Work-In-Progress Wednesday #19

I hope your week is going well! I was out sick due to a root canal yesterday (ick) so I’ve gotten quite a bit of knitting done. My Mom’s cuffs are still in the same place they were last week but I did finish the baby booties and handspun hat, which you’ll see on Friday! Here’s some progress on the rest of my WIPs:

Festooned Joy:

BMFA Socks That Rock LW, colorway Comfort and Joy

I have finally gotten to the heel of these socks! This heel is interesting because it’s linen stitch, which I haven’t seen used in a sock before. They’re coming along slowly but surely as they are likely to be my ‘meeting knitting’ for work now that I’ve passed the tricky bits and it will be simple knitting until the toe. I think I might trying to knit the toe in linen stitch, too, what do you think?.
Manly Cowl:

BMFA De-Vine, colorway Mossley Manly

I am improvising a textured cowl design and keeping it secret as it is part of the Fiasco’s Valentine’s present so I can’t show it here yet, but look at that gorgeous pile of yarn! When I knit a mystery cowl out of De-Vine, the Fiasco fell in love with this yarn to the point where he would make anybody who visited feel my cowl. That kind of yarn devotion meant he deserved a cowl of his own, don’t you agree? Plus, the yarn is so interesting I was grateful for a good excuse to purchase and knit with more of it. 🙂


No, it’s not a thong.

My childhood next-door-neighbor requested I make her a headband with a flower on it because she’s been desperately wanting one and couldn’t find it in white. I’m pretty excited about this, since it is my first commissioned knit, and I love knitting things for people who specifically request something. I’m using Malabrigo Worsted in Natural, but I think I might rip out this bit and knit it with the yarn held double for extra warmth. I was recently featured in my company’s newsletter for my ‘interesting’ hobby, and I’ve had a coworker request a knitted item for her daughter, too. I’ve put some thought into it and will be setting up an Etsy shop soon, but for now you can visit the Commissions page of this blog if a commissioned knit item (perhaps of one of my designs) is something in which you might be interested!

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Check out more WIPs by clicking below.


6 thoughts on “Work-In-Progress Wednesday #19

  1. I absolutely love the yarn you picked out for the manly cowl, I may have to get some myself, it is such an unusual color scheme! I also think that it is wonderful that you are getting commissions for your work. Who wouldn't want an Alicia original??


  2. I had a good chuckle at your caption under the headband.

    And I've not seen the Mossley Manly colorway before. I'll be keeping an eye out for it.

    Hope you feel better! I have full sympathy for tooth-related illness after my wisdom tooth fiasco last year.


  3. Linen stitch for a sock heel = genius!! And I love everything about the De-Vine yarn: the construction, colorway, everything. The Fiasco is going to love the finished cowl! Also, it's awesome that you're accepting commissions! 🙂

    Feel better soon! Dental pain is no fun. :/



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