FO Friday #11: Fierce Fracas

I hope your Friday is more exciting than mine! I spent the week with a wicked sore throat that has progressed to voicelessness and fever/chills. It is bad enough that I took a sick day yesterday and am even more grateful than usual for the upcoming weekend. Being couch-bound is one way to get some knitting done, at least.

The Sanguine Gryphon Bugga, colorway Fierce Snake

These are my modified Fracas Cuffs by Hunter Hammersen from her very cool Rabble Rousers collection of accessories. The original pattern involved some too-painful-for-me k4tog’s and ssssk’s, which I changed to k3tog and sssk, with an added purl stitch thrown in between repeats. It worked out nicely, you can find details on my Ravelry page.

Both elegant and sassy!

This pair is for my mom and was the last holiday gift I needed to finish up! Just in time for her birthday next week… for which I am knitting something else as a surprise, so you’ll have to wait to see it (if I can finish it in time!).

Oh, before I forget, I just realized that my Fiasco sock pattern would work well for this month’s Sock Knitters Anonymous challenge! If you’ve never heard of SKA, it’s an extremely active sock-knitting group on Ravelry that chooses a different challenge each month. It’s a wonderful group of knitters who really push sock-knitting boundaries and being a part of it will make your sock queue grow by leaps and bounds. March’s challenge involves either patterns with unique construction or patterns designed specifically for men.

BMFA Socks that Rock heavyweight, colorway Drop Dead Sexy

I designed the Fiasco socks for my own dear Fiasco (a.k.a. fiance) and he’s been wearing them to bits. If you don’t have a knit-worthy man in your life, the pattern comes in three different sizes and includes gauge information for fingering, sport, or DK-weight yarn, so you could knit a pair for anyone, really. I would love to see some Fiasco’s in the SKA KAL!


1 thought on “FO Friday #11: Fierce Fracas

  1. Well I am knitting fiascos right now, for myself, because I love the pattern. I really should be more active on Ravelry, there are so many groups I am a part of that I don't do anything in, including SKA.
    I bet your mom will love those cuffs by the way 🙂



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