A Spinnerific Start

I decided to start this week off right by sprucing up the spinning info on this blog. Firstly, I updated the blog pages to include one specifically about my ongoing Spinner’s Study with links to related blog posts for each breed of sheep explored. I also updated my tabs for handspun WIPs and FYs and my 2013 fiber and knitterly goals. Next, I realized that I was so engrossed when I got my wheel that I haven’t even updated you on the fiber I received for the holidays yet! So I’m going to try to catch up on all of that now. (Buckle up, there’s quite a bit.)

My parents gifted me with enough fiber to basically double my stash, which is crazy but awesome! I’m particularly excited about the above braids of fiber because they are all from Scandinavian or British breeds of sheep with much different characteristics than your standard fine Merino wool. It will be an exciting challenge to spin these into different yarns, which I’m even more eager to start after reading Pure Wool, a book entirely about using UK single-breed yarns. The Two Sisters Stringworks etsy shop has an interesting variety of breeds that I encourage you to check out. Fibers #1 and #2 are Gotland, which I spun for my Spinner’s Study and really enjoyed. Fibers 3 & 4 are Icelandic, which I have also sampled before, and fiber #5 is something I haven’t tried yet, Welsh Mountain wool. I’d like to get my hands on a pair of combs first, though, so these might have to wait a little while.

I was particularly touched when the Fiasco’s uncle made a trip over to Alder Brook Farm in Connecticut to find yarn and fiber for me. When trying to figure out what to get me for Christmas he asked the Fiasco “she’s really into this spinning thing, huh?” and since the answer was yes, he went out and got me 14.5 oz of Romney wool and a skein of handspun yarn from the farm! (As well as an antique spinning wheel flyer, not pictured.) The fiber is really, really nice and I’m excited to see how much yardage I can get from it, I’m sure it’ll be enough for a large project… maybe even a sweater or vest?

Again from my parents, the above fiber is from a new-to-me etsy shop, The Wacky Windmill. Numbers 1 & 2 are blends of 70% superwash Merino wool and 30% SeaCell (a cellulose fiber derived from seaweed) in “The Shire” and “Bugsy”. She has some really fun colorways that I think will make interesting yarns. Number 3 is a braid of 100% Portuguese Merino wool dyed in a gradient from blue through purple to green. I’ve already started to experiment with this one, but you’ll have to wait to see the results because blogging about all that fiber has worn me out!

Have you discovered any new or exciting fiber sources lately?


10 thoughts on “A Spinnerific Start

  1. I haven't discovered any new sources lately, but now I have thanks to you. The bottoms ones especially interest me. They look absolutely lovely. I cannot wait to see your spinning progress!


  2. Wow, you have a lot to work with there! Such a great selection to choose from too. It can be so difficult to keep blog pages up to date, but when you do it is very rewarding, go you!


  3. Holy moley, that is a lot of fiber. I, too, have spun up Romney. It is a bit rougher than Merino, but I liked it. I think you'll be able to get a vest out of that amount. And how sweet that the uncle made such an effort to get fiber.



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