Finished-Object-Friday #5

Warning to family members: this post will involve photos of some of your holiday gifts, so you might want to look away!

There’s nothing like the week before the holidays, I feel like such a knitting champ as I finish project after project. It’s the closest thing we get to a rush, I think, as knitters… next to maybe that feeling when you drop a whole bunch of money on yarn at once (though that’s less of a rush and more of a queasy feeling). Onto the FO’s!


BMFA Socks that Rock Mediumweight, colorway Aubergenious

I finished my Uproar cuffs, designed by Hunter Hammerson! This was a fun little pattern, which I will definitely be knitting again, especially since they take practically no yarn to make. These are not for me, if they were I probably would’ve knit a couple extra repeats to get a better fit, but I think they’ll fit the recipient just fine.

Santa’s Syrinx:

Malabrigo Yarn Rasta, colorway Ravelry Red

This quick-as-lightning cowl is my Syrinx Shells pattern, this time knit in a solid colorway. I had to fight a very strong urge to buy great big green buttons for this… it would’ve been overly festive, methinks. The solid colorway and black buttons really class it up, too. You can close this cowl a few different ways (like with ribbon or toggles) and this time I chose to attach the buttons on the far side like so:

This way it will snug up closely to the recipients neck when buttoned across through the yarnover holes. Alternatively, if you have more yarn you can just keep knitting and knitting to make a thick, cozy scarf, like Anne Weaver is doing with hers, check it out!.

Rustic Elegance:

Zen Yarn Garden Serenity Worsted, one of a kind colorway

This is the Hasselnusse cowl pattern by Anne Hanson that I raved about in my Inspiration Saturday post. I loved everything about this pattern, it is such an appealing design and I think I found the perfect buttons to compliment the look of the pattern and the yarn (if I do say so myself…). The yarn is fantastic, too. Zen Yarn Garden is a new-to-me indie dyeing company that I first encountered at Stitches East. The yarn pictured is a worsted weight Merino wool/cashmere/nylon blend that is really wonderful and their colors are gorgeous. I’m kicking myself for not buying the second skein of this colorway that I saw at the show, especially since the cowl used just over half the skein. I feel like I have a lot of yarn left but not quite enough to do much with. Oh well! It was perfect for this cowl.

Ever More Ribbons:

Malabrigo Yarn Rios, colorway Azules

Here’s another pair of my Beribboned Wrists finished! I intended this pattern to be for wristwarmers, but a knitter requested thumbs added to turn them into fingerless mitts and I’m glad I included the option. I love wearing them as wristwarmers but I know plenty of people prefer the fingerless mitt style and I think they work great as both. If you’re thinking of making a pair, feel free to join the KAL, there’s still time to enter to win the prize!

Be sure to check out more FO Friday projects below. That’s all from me for now, as I’ve got cookies to bake and bags to pack and gifts to wrap… To all those who celebrate, have a great holiday!


3 thoughts on “Finished-Object-Friday #5

  1. I love the red cowl, it is definitely very elegant with those buttons. And I also LOVE this pair of berriboned wrists, the colors are so gorgeous. You did such a great job on all your gifts!


  2. Oh my goodness, I love your Syrinx cowl more every time I see it! It makes me want to spin up some fluffy, bulky yarn and knit one of my own. 🙂 All your presents look so lovely!



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